How I use my #AppleWatch in Ramadan


Ramadan Mubarak!

When Apple released the Apple Watch, I thought this should be the most basic and useless Apple Watch that will ever be. In fact, this will be true, not yet though! Then my husband brought it to me as a gift and I started exploring it. The more I use it, the more I find it useful.

While diving into settings, features and apps, I realized some of them will be very useful during Ramadan!

1 – Iftar and Imsak

One of the cool features is knowing what time is Iftar (sunset) and what time is the fasting (sunrise) the moment you look at your Apple Watch. Here’s how to do this:

If you have the standard look of the clock, hold with your finger and wait until it changes to the customization screen. Swipe to the “Modular” look. Click on customize to further customize your watch and then click on the screen to pick this look.

2- Athan (Prayer time)

I have been using this App on iPhone since some time now, and they do need some updates (and less Ads,) but it’s really great for now. This app notifies you on the watch with the 5 prayer times. I haven’t seen other prayer notification apps that are also on the Apple Watch. Click here to download. You probably can find other apps but I found this one was the best.

3- Tasbeeh and Athkar

iSubha app is very simple and an easy way to say “Subhan Allah,” “Alhamdulellah,” and “Allahu Akbar”. You can tap to count how many times you say it or set the timer on iPhone. Click here to download this one.

I hope this was useful. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan with your family and loved ones.


Virtual Storage

I was cleaning my room the other day and going through pics, letters, papers, etc.. they are old and taking a lot of space but have special memories.. then it crossed my mind that isn’t it better that we have a virtual memory/storage? Which I think our kids and next generations will have only virtual storage.

When I was in school and even after school, was exchanging letters and pictures with friends, in Jordan and outside Jordan.. special people and friends from Lebanon, Australia, Germany, USA, etc. I smellthe letters, read the words, look at pictures and laugh 🙂

But again, next generations won’t have all this, all letters are emails and pictures are all digital, the books are e-books.. even the CV’s are online now, the photo frames are digital, seems like everything has been E’d and digitized lately.. Almost every thing is online in a “virtual” storage, rather than my old good boxes..

is it good? is it bad? I think it’s good. I enjoy papers, reading real books, real pictures, real frames but still love the flexibility that technology offers. We do not have to have extra space everywhere for our old stuff that still mean to us and we do need to keep them but sometimes we don’t look at them and other times we hardly find a space for them.

Everything has its good and bad.. but we like it or not, the whole world is going digital already.

Project Natal – October 2010

Woohoo!! Microsoft announced launching Project Natal Worldwide in October 2010! As far as I looked for it, no price yet! Can’t wait!! 😀

The Announcement happened during an interview with the Marketing Manager E&D Microsoft Saudi, Syed Bilal Tariq, on KSA 2 TV [Video]:

A reminder of one of the Project Natal Videos:

Mac Connection Problems with Y! Msngr & FB Exporter for iPhoto


1- When trying to log in to yahoo messenger it gives an error that says “The application could not connect to the messenger servers. The servers may be busy, please try again.”

2- When trying to log in to your facebook account through facebook exporter for iPhoto you get a connection error that simply says “There was a problem connecting with facebook. Check your internet connection and try again”


For sure it is an internet connection problem. but one of the reasons for this connection problem is Proxies.


What I did was, I went to System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> Proxies. Disabled web proxy (HTTP)

My explanation: Yahoo messenger and facebook exporter connect (also) to http. so once this proxy was not working fine or was mismatch with other services, these applications could not connect to verify logins or initiate the authentication.

As I said; this is one of the possible reasons/fixes. but most likely it is always at the network settings side or load on the bandwidth like you download/streaming(youtube?) too many things at once. so make sure everything about these points is good.

MAC OS and application versions I have:
Mac OS 1.5.8
iPhoto ver: 7.1.5
Facebook Exporter for iPhoto ver: 1.0.6
Yahoo msnger ver: 3.0 (beta)