How I use my #AppleWatch in Ramadan


Ramadan Mubarak!

When Apple released the Apple Watch, I thought this should be the most basic and useless Apple Watch that will ever be. In fact, this will be true, not yet though! Then my husband brought it to me as a gift and I started exploring it. The more I use it, the more I find it useful.

While diving into settings, features and apps, I realized some of them will be very useful during Ramadan!

1 – Iftar and Imsak

One of the cool features is knowing what time is Iftar (sunset) and what time is the fasting (sunrise) the moment you look at your Apple Watch. Here’s how to do this:

If you have the standard look of the clock, hold with your finger and wait until it changes to the customization screen. Swipe to the “Modular” look. Click on customize to further customize your watch and then click on the screen to pick this look.

2- Athan (Prayer time)

I have been using this App on iPhone since some time now, and they do need some updates (and less Ads,) but it’s really great for now. This app notifies you on the watch with the 5 prayer times. I haven’t seen other prayer notification apps that are also on the Apple Watch. Click here to download. You probably can find other apps but I found this one was the best.

3- Tasbeeh and Athkar

iSubha app is very simple and an easy way to say “Subhan Allah,” “Alhamdulellah,” and “Allahu Akbar”. You can tap to count how many times you say it or set the timer on iPhone. Click here to download this one.

I hope this was useful. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan with your family and loved ones.


Uber: Review and Thoughts

UberWe have decided to go from Fresno, CA to Los Angeles and Disneyland to spend a 3 day weekend without driving or renting a car. In spite of the fact that one part of the trip wasn’t very nice and I wouldn’t do again; the Bus from LA to Disneyland, will use Uber next time.

However, the Uber part of the trip was pleasant and here’s why:

Uber App
– Setup: Easy download and user setup.
– User experience: Very convenient user interface and easy to use.
– Features: You can have free estimates before requesting a drive.
– Features: Drivers and users can rate each other.

Drivers and cars
– Availability: Drivers were available in all the areas we went to, even on top of the Hollywood Lake Park close to the Hollywood sign, there weren’t any cars passing, I have to mention though that one driver cancelled the request.
– Quality: Very thoughtful, two of them had two bottles of water in case we were thirsty. Another one had a USB charger in the back and front seats.
– They drive safely and not one driver was a reckless driver.
– They picked shortest distance to our destinations.
– Cars quality: Cars were in a great condition, we got an SUV twice, which was very convenient since we were three people.

Price and Payment
– Price: We took different trips and one of them was from Disneyland, Anaheim to China Town, LA that took $40. Trips inside LA cost less than $20 each. These trips were between China Town and Griffith Observatory, between Griffith Observatory and Lake Hollywood Park, and last one from Lake Hollywood Park to China Town.
– Payment: Everything is paid online, extremely easy.

In general, the experience was great and I would definitely use Uber again, drivers told me about how Uber team approve drivers, made me feel safe as they make a background check, request photos of the car and car has to be 2007+ as one driver said. On the other hand, one driver told me that they do get “funny” riders 🙂

I tried to use other apps like lyft and sidecar but the apps weren’t as friendly as Uber. I heard they’re cheaper though.

Have you used Uber or the other apps? How was your experience?

Internet in Jordan and My Experience With #MadaJordan

The most annoying thing about internet in Jordan is the service itself. The fact that they can give you and guarantee you the speed you pay for but for some reason it just does not happen. The mentality of “up to” needs to disappear. Sell me a speed and guarantee that it does not go less than that except for outages that I should be notified about. This should not be too hard, is it?

Mada, one of the ISP’s in Jordan, have these cool offers. I have tried the Biscuit for few months now and it is good. What I would have loved more is a better coverage. Other than that, it’s just perfect!

Mada has reached out to me to try their internet biscuit for few months and let them know how it is. They said I can be completely honest so that’s +1 to them. At first I had some difficulties with connecting it from my MacBook, called their support but they could not help me. Coming from a technical background I have figured out the DNS issue and fixed it. If I would suggest something here is a more qualified support. First -1.

Speed was amazing. At first I used to download my favorite shows then stopped and started streaming them instead of taking from the hard disk space. Another +1.

Coverage! It wasn’t great but it covered a good portion of Amman and around. I wish they had better coverage on the way to Jerash and there, had an amazing weekend there that only missed the internet connection (or maybe not 🙂 ). It would be cool actually to start with attractions and where people spend their weekends. That would be a +1 but so far it’s in between.

One cool +1 about it is sharing the connection; 5 people can connect to the internet through Mada biscuit and enjoy the web! Also liked the design, easy to carry. You can check how many people are connected, their IP and MAC addresses. Just in case you felt some unauthorized person hacked into your biscuit.

Up time: They told me it lasts 4 hours but definitely it lasted much more! I even check to see if it’s still working or not. You also have the ability to check the battery status from your browser.

Easy to set up, easy to use, take anywhere and cool prices. I recommend you check them out and see if there’s coverage at your area!

The Nokia C7 Challenge

I’m not a Nokia fan. Although appreciate the variety of options in terms of design, price and features they offer.

I was given a Nokia C7 to try, and since I’m not a fan, I thought I would take this “challenge” and try it.

I’ll start with what I liked:

– Camera Quality is great. Check out Pic1, Pic2 and Pic3

– GPS is really helpful. except some mistakes with the latest maps downloaded but the ability to use GPS for free and find your way especially for people like me keep getting lost, is really amazing.

– The big screen is cool.

– Different desktops and the option to drag some stop on the desktop is really cool. like contacts, etc.

– It’s good sometimes to have all the social networks in one place instead of multiple applications for each.

– I liked getting my new emails on the desktop rather that going inside the mailbox and check and also liked how I can be too specific when scheduling the updates. very good for those who do not have an unlimited plan.

– It gives easy access to different things, like mail, messages, music, etc.

– Liked the tips popup that are actually relevant to what you’re doing with your phone.

– Design.

– Sharing photos and content with social networks is pretty easy.
Now what I did not like much:

– The way you answer the phone, it happened many times that the phone was in my purse and why getting it out to answer, I either reject or answer the call by mistake.

– Too many options, could be because I got used to less option in my iPhone. But made me find out that some people are not concerned about most of the options they’re given.

– I used the wireless connection to connect to internet but without me knowing all my credit disappeared. Could be my wireless connection got disconnected so the phone automatically used my credit and phone network.

– When sending an email, it does not remember the previous emails I sent to like iPhone.

– The keyboard and symbols are not as easy as iPhone.

Sorry if I keep comparing with the iPhone, I’m just so used to it.

Over all, it’s a great phone for Nokia lovers and iPhone haters 🙂


Foursquare 3.0 [Review]

The new foursquare has some interesting features and major changes, let’s take a look!

First major change was the Explore tab (ex-Tips)

Here you will be able to search for what you, your friends or the foursquare community have recommended based on a specific or general search.

The search can be according to where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want recommendations from or even how far/near you’re going.

In the Explore settings in the upper left corner, you will be able to expand or narrow the search area, so you can search places within 0.25 miles up to 10 miles. You can also make the search more specific to what your friends have recommended, checked in, or are planning to do.

If you click the globe on the upper right corner, you’ll see the recommended places or the map so you know directions and how to go there.

I have searched for Falafel in Amman and got a recommendation for Al-Osra restaurant and my friends who have checked there.

Very Cool!

Now the second major change was a whole new leaderboard!

Remember the old personal page and boring leaderboard?

Well, the new personal page has the settings on the left corner and “Add friends” on the right corner.

The points system have changed and also was placed as a cool bar showing the best week points on the right. (Not sure about mine I remember I’ve done better!)

The leaderboard shows where you stand this week with profile pictures of you and your friends on the board. As the old one, click on this and it takes you to the detailed leaderboard, It’s displayed in a cooler way showing the pictures as well.

If you scroll down the personal page, you will get the and how many different places you have checked in for each category. You can go further to see what are these places and how many times you’ve checked in each one of them.

Scroll further down the personal page, you will see the top places you have checked in, tips you’ve given and your friends’ list.

The new friend request is displayed as a notification as seen in the picture. Not sure about this, could be a little annoying.

Change #3 was the Specials!

More types of specials and ways to get them from places around you. Open Places tab and you’ll see a notification at the bottom of the specials nearby. I love this!!

Other smaller changes and bugs fixes are in this update. Enjoy!

Wanted – A Sheep or a Wolf

I do not usually have comments on movies or even not in a place where i can “critic” one. I watched Wanted – the movie, with my brother and it was Ok and a little bit surprising but no big deal. It wasn’t like one the movies that you really enjoy or when it’s done you say What a movie! or would want to watch it again.

The thing i do not understand is, why people were so excited and thrilled about how Angelina killed herself at the end! oh so pathetic! and so unreal, i know thats why its called a movie but uh whatever. also other parts of the movie where it made no sense at all even as a scene! I found the whole movie with no sense at all.

When will we get over the Angelina’s beauty “cloud” that is hovering around us! I even named a fish Angelina because it has big lips! :S

So finally this was only a point of view which i know doesnt represent most of the ones out there.

Kill Thousands to save thousands :S Watch the Video – Spoof 🙂