Health vs Beauty vs Reality

I came across this article (image below) on The National that one of my friends shared on his facebook profile. In short and as I understood it, Labiba wasn’t happy she hasn’t been picked for the free trial at Symmetry Gym, she thought THEY thought she can’t afford it, not sure where they would get this idea from. Meanwhile, Symmetry Gym’s co-owner, Amir,  doesn’t motivate people lightly. He throws it in their face and provokes them to get up and do something about them not being fit. (he said fat.)

The National

First, so what if an application was rejected? I’m sure more than 1,500 applications were rejected too. Actually instead of using the word rejected let’s say “was not picked.” If I wasn’t picked with other hundreds of people, for whatever reason the gym has, it’s not the end of the world. I shouldn’t go and complain about it. Especially if I’m famous on social media. I did that 10 years ago to a company but then I realized I don’t own them. It’s up to them and their policy.

Second, even though there’s nothing that says she was not picked because of her weight or thinking she can’t afford, using his words in this format makes it look like this is the real reason. Which until now I don’t see it confirmed anywhere. Plus, what if it’s the gym’s policy? Just throwing a what if here. Maybe they care about daily fitness rather than losing weight? So what IF I wasn’t picked because I’m fat? If that was the reason. It’s up to them.

Third, he’s totally guilty for saying:

Sadly, we live in a culture where big is not beautiful,

A harsh dose of reality is the only thing that ever works, when it comes to getting people like yourself to finally see how it feels to be attractive.”

Being fit and healthy is the ultimate goal I believe, not being beautiful and attractive. For instance, I don’t think Amir is attractive or beautiful (judging from his online photos.) However, I’m sure he’s fit, otherwise it would be another bad promotion for the gym in addition to the statement above on being beautiful is the goal, even though it holds a tiny truth in it: “Sadly.”
Again, I can be beautiful and attractive AND overweight but I can’t be healthy and over/underweight.

Yes, being overweight is wrong. I know this NOT because I have never been fat in my life which is true. I know this because I don’t remember a time when I was fit for more than a month. I eat a lot and I don’t exercise much (It’s a shame and I take the blame) plus my health issues which is mostly due to the fact I just mentioned. However, I do look fit! Yes people call me “too thin” a lot because I’m underweight and I don’t like it, but can’t blame anyone. It’s my fault not taking care of my health and my fitness.I spend more money on adidas gears than on the time at the gym. And this, is REALITY! Realizing this, unfortunately, doesn’t help my health issues until I truly get up and fix my eating habits and my lack of exercise.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know Labiba and I don’t the Symmetry Gym owners. I only heard about the gym through that article.

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