7 lessons I learned from my 5 year old cousin

AdamAdam is a 5 year old who goes to kindergarten everyday and he absolutely loves it! A loving boy who wakes up early, even during holidays, and goes to bed later than his bedtime, extremely good at school and online games, and you can’t but fall in love with his magical smile.

I learn a lot from him every time we sit and talk or play together, I couldn’t imagine a kid his age can be that wise and smart. Here are 7 lessons I learned from him:

– I once asked Adam to describe himself in three words, he said: funny, happy and crazy. I laughed because he truly is those three! I believe we all should BE FUNNY, HAPPY and CRAZY. How wonderful life would be! Because what is life but having fun and be funny and outgoing.. resulting in being happy but should always be crazy enough to maintain first two.

– Whenever I ask Adam if he loves me, he says: I love you very very much and I LOVE EVERYBODY

Have no discrimination even if you have a preference, love everyone and be good to everyone.  This boy knows nothing about hate, he doesn’t even hate eating veggies. Even if you make him mad for some reason, he forgets it in a split second and loves you again and more! It’s so easy to hate but so rewarding to be able to love regardless or who, what or why.

– When Adam is at school he’s a completely different personality. He becomes so dedicated and into learning but the moment he gets out of his class, he’s the fun and playful boy again! BE DEDICATED TO WHAT YOU DO. When you’re at work, give it your all, when it’s play time, play until you drop!

NEVER STOP LEARNING. Adam plays different games like minecraft and tomb raider and he’s great at all. However, he’s always on YouTube watching how other people play these games and even games he doesn’t play in order to learn from them and inspire his techniques. No one is a complete expert in anything, we keep learning even from those who don’t do what we do or how we do it.

– He’s not only good online and at school, he’s also good at taking a break and enjoy a nice weather. I see him often going to the backyard to play under the sun and away from his laptop and tablet (Yes, his laptop and his tablet,) xbox or Play Station. We don’t appreciate what we have unless we TAKE A BREAK every now and then.

– What do carrots give us? and how does milk help our body? These are the kind of questions Adam asks about food. He says “I want to BE HEALTHY” and between meals while he plays on his laptop he likes to eat apples and baby carrots.

Smile! Adam smiles as soon as you look at him, as soon as you point the camera’s lens at him to take a photo, and whenever he can he just smiles! How many hearts can you win by smiling and smiling back. I know how many hearts you can’t win; zero. A smile from the heart is magical. Every single time.

I can keep talking about things I learn from Adam for a hundred years but these are enough to make anyone funny, happy and crazy for the rest of their life. 🙂

13 thoughts on “7 lessons I learned from my 5 year old cousin

  1. Very nice, 3anjad 🙂

    “Have no discrimination even if you have a preference” might be my take away home line (there r more than one to be honest but this I am slightly guilty of I guess! I have, even if I do not show it, a hierarchy of relations/preferences!)

    Allah y7meeh o yis3edo Adam o y5aleelkom eyyah o y5aleelkom elo

      • Thanks Jansait. There is a second “her” now! *said the sleepless parent for 3 months and one day* 😀

        We named her Hana – she is loud! If Adam is interested he can send her an invite on facebook (is that how things go on facebook these days?) 😛

        • Awwwww 😀 alf mabroook! Habibti wain il pics? Hehe i dont think adam is interested on facebook.. He’ll wait until she has a minecraft account 😅

          • ybarek feeki ya Rab. He shall not wait for long! (I am clueless on what that is, never saw or even heard about that game) 🙂

            • Me too, until Adam and his brother, my love, Omar, 9 year old, asked me if i can have an account, i bought the game, its cool but im still into the more basic games 🙂

  2. He’s so adorable. I remember when I was 17, I talked to an older guy who was in college by then. He was so mean. I asked him why so. He said you’re still young and innocent, you’ll become mean too with time.
    Looking at myself now, I am not as loving and caring as I used to be. I do think of myself a lot. I think most adults do too. I’m not sure what’s the reasons though, could be the so many disappointments, hatred, stabs you get from everyone around you. Instead of returning that with love, i became one of them. Another harsh and cruel human being.
    I hope he does not have to go this. Maybe when he grows up, he will be surrounded with loving people. He might be the one changing them.

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