The Last Supper


With him, riding the tide was easier.. the pulls and pushes were smoother, spontaneous, exciting.. Oh the thrill!

It’s like speaking a language with the eyes, the vibes, the energy around. A language no one has heard or seen.

But with time, we found ourselves riding on two different tides.

What brought us together, pulled us apart..

5 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. Or maybe it was more of a fondness of the situation not the person! It can happen -too-, no?

    For a reason, yr words did not stir sadness -as I expected- , or more accurately, just for a minute or two.

    Maybe I`m reading much into it but a reflection on a bigger picture, a philosophical notion came to me, beyond relationships, beyond 2 people.


    * The title is brilliant!

    ** If this is a quote from somewhere …. I`d look like a fool 😛

  2. well, i got a question here, if you don’t mind, how you have got to know you were riding on two different tides? and does it normally take 10 years to know such?!

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