Millennium Resort, Oman

Whenever there’s a weekend of a holiday connected to the weekend, almost all hotels in Muscat become fully booked. However, we managed to finally find a hotel with one free room.

About an hour and a half to two hours from Al-Khuwair in Oman to the Millennium resort in Mussanah. Very easy road passing AS Seeb and Barka with some constructions until you find a sign that says you have to take right to get to the resort.

Plenty of free parking lots for a hotel that is fully booked. I would have loved it even more if they were shaded. We were welcomed by the friendly staff at the reception and as we booked the night before on the phone, we got the sea view room.

The room wasn’t very spacious but adequate and clean. Stunning view from the balcony overlooking the marina and sea.

It was about midday so we decided to go directly to the pools and the beach. There are three pools, one of them is in the back; indoor and ladies only. The other two are outdoor; one of them is big but isn’t deep, probably 1.2-1.5 meters. The third was smaller and kids kinda pool overlooking the beach area, which was quite nice and relaxing.

We enjoyed the pools and the beach. At the pool side, we’ve ordered turkey sandwiches, they were good. And from the beach collected some cool shells to take back home.

At night, we had dinner at one of the two restaurants which basically are the same. I wasn’t impressed with the food and if I go there again I would order from the menu rather than eating from the buffet.

After dinner we walked to the Hookah bar, ordered Sheeshah and green tea. The weather was very relaxing.

The bed was comfortable, I slept very well. After the shower in the morning we headed to have our breakfast. Again, there weren’t so many options. There was a live omelette cook though, my favorite corner in every hotel I go to! 🙂

Overall, it was a very relaxing stay, I have enjoyed it and would definitely go there again.

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