Temporary Peace

When the day begins at 3 am and you wake me up from a distance and I pretend I’m already awake. I sneak out of my bed, out of the house, and into my car. Driving before the sun rises to catch it reflecting in our eyes when it first shines. Turned on the radio to snow patrol’s “Come on, come out, come here, come here”

I already had the keys to your house, opened the door to see you sitting by the window, looking at the horizon and smoking your night’s last cigarette. You looked at me and smiled as I walked and sat in front of you, with a heart walking in faster steps than I did. Looked at what you were looking at and couldn’t help but stare, it was so beautiful. “It really was a sight to see”

The calmness of the city at that hour was exceptional. I don’t even remember hearing your neighbor’s dogs barking. The sky was down low, or maybe I was that high. It didn’t matter because when I looked at you again, I could hear the words you never said, and I smiled at you.

We talked about everything; the weather, the city, politics, cars and motorbikes, until I stopped following.. Took a deep breath and looked at the horizon again… Enjoying the last hour of the night as the dawn started to sneak in like it always does. This time it was a bit more shy. I never understood how time flies, it’s too complicated and I never paid attention.

Faster than I thought, the sun followed with open arms, disturbing the peace of this quiet night, wasn’t too quiet inside of me though. “there’s a drift in and out”

I looked at you again and smiled.. What a beautiful morning, we said.. When beautiful is  an unexplainable incident that happens uninvited, but welcomed. “There’s an end with a beginning, to the quiet chaos driving me back”

and there’s so many many thoughts
when I try to go to sleep
but with you I start to feel
a sort of temporary peace

6 thoughts on “Temporary Peace

      • When it arrives it does make you realize that perception is similar to warm holes on space. We think realize it all, but we’re actually limited by our perceptions depth.

        Didn’t realize there was so much that is there and can be described so well.

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