Hello Little Girl

If only I met you before it all happens.. to tell you about life, how cruel it can be.. to tell you how many times your heart will break into pieces you can’t even see..

If only I could tell you how cold some nights would be, all alone covered with tears..

If only I could show you how much you would need him, miss him and want him.. you would not have ran away..

I would have told you you’d cross your lines and break your rules, for him.

I never had the chance to tell you how some days will pass too slow and others you won’t even count.

If only you knew that the one who’d take you high is the one who’d let you fall so hard..

And I would have told you, despite of all these warnings, you’d go through it all, you’d break your own heart if you had to..

Just to taste life, to know how it feels..

But now I stand here, looking back at you and what you’ve been through.. I have to say, I’m glad I haven’t told you.. because I wouldn’t have told you how beautiful life could be.. how exciting the ride would be, and that you’d have few smiles that would worth all the pain.. I wouldn’t have told you that you’d need all the pain for happiness to come your way..

But even if I did, it won’t make any difference anyway.. You know what I mean?

One thought on “Hello Little Girl

  1. I guess the meaning is (known)
    Little girl will witness the future of a mature girl and after weighing all the +`s & -`s the verdict will (hope so!) be:
    It was worth it

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