Welcome Back

Every time you leave, a part of my soul breaks down and leaves with you, while the remaining of it shouts and pleads. Begging you to turn around and stay. You, being the careless you, just leave.

I know I’ve lived this life before; I saw this coming. I see it coming every single time even before you say the words that you never say. But I hear them anyway.

It takes me time to get up, heal that open wound, It bleeds still. Only then you come back, remind me of the hurt, the tears I cried for you, and the countless nights I mistakenly called days. But for some reason the wound heals, I smile to your careless “hello” and welcome you with open arms.

I tell you I’d never do it again, I say it’s the last time I leave the door open! We both know I lie every time I say this. Because, you know, any minute you leave, I’ll cry my heart out again and will stare at the stars until they turn into days. And when you’re back, I’ll just put back the broken piece of my soul, smile and say; welcome back, love, it’s been a thousand years!

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