Community Managers Appreciation Day #CMAD

Some say they don’t sleep.
Some say they work 24/7.
Some say they’re on the community side and some say they’re on the brand’s side.

Being a community manager makes all the above very true. The fact that they need to take care of their community, grow it, talk to people, write interesting content, keep their community engaged and happy, meet them offline, solve issues, have some exciting promotions and be the voice of the brand online and offline and even more, makes their life a challenging one.

The dedication needed from community managers is huge, yet it will never fail to keep them excited all the time, especially if they have passions for communication and customer care.  When I used to be a community manager, I remember checking my communities all the time and before I close my eyes to sleep and as soon as I wake up. The happiest moment is when I read new comments from fans and followers and observe how they react to certain things or to others. Also it’s very exciting when I meet them offline. It’s like a reunion!

Nothing beats a good compliment from a fan or a follower, but again, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies! There are people that come to community managers with problems, there are others that are very upset and there are those who love sarcasm. The key is how to keep it all interesting and motivating.

I told a potential community manager during an interview that there are no average community managers; you’re either an excellent one or you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do. You are either passionate about it or you don’t fit.

Community management is not an easy job. Needs a lot and constant research and dedication, needs someone who, again, is passionate about communications, communities and problem solving.

Today is the Community Managers Appreciation Day. The least we can do is to thank those who are there when we need them, and when we don’t. Thank you for all the hard work and commitment.

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