Internet in Jordan and My Experience With #MadaJordan

The most annoying thing about internet in Jordan is the service itself. The fact that they can give you and guarantee you the speed you pay for but for some reason it just does not happen. The mentality of “up to” needs to disappear. Sell me a speed and guarantee that it does not go less than that except for outages that I should be notified about. This should not be too hard, is it?

Mada, one of the ISP’s in Jordan, have these cool offers. I have tried the Biscuit for few months now and it is good. What I would have loved more is a better coverage. Other than that, it’s just perfect!

Mada has reached out to me to try their internet biscuit for few months and let them know how it is. They said I can be completely honest so that’s +1 to them. At first I had some difficulties with connecting it from my MacBook, called their support but they could not help me. Coming from a technical background I have figured out the DNS issue and fixed it. If I would suggest something here is a more qualified support. First -1.

Speed was amazing. At first I used to download my favorite shows then stopped and started streaming them instead of taking from the hard disk space. Another +1.

Coverage! It wasn’t great but it covered a good portion of Amman and around. I wish they had better coverage on the way to Jerash and there, had an amazing weekend there that only missed the internet connection (or maybe not 🙂 ). It would be cool actually to start with attractions and where people spend their weekends. That would be a +1 but so far it’s in between.

One cool +1 about it is sharing the connection; 5 people can connect to the internet through Mada biscuit and enjoy the web! Also liked the design, easy to carry. You can check how many people are connected, their IP and MAC addresses. Just in case you felt some unauthorized person hacked into your biscuit.

Up time: They told me it lasts 4 hours but definitely it lasted much more! I even check to see if it’s still working or not. You also have the ability to check the battery status from your browser.

Easy to set up, easy to use, take anywhere and cool prices. I recommend you check them out and see if there’s coverage at your area!

6 thoughts on “Internet in Jordan and My Experience With #MadaJordan

  1. 7ajieh, I think the “up to” mentality should disappear too, and be replaced with “at least”. And the capping should totally disappear and be replaced with nothing. Our telecom regulatory is totally useless.

    I am using Mada right now, and they are delivering 1mbps out of my promised 5mbps and their 40GBs feels like 20GB.

  2. failest internet in the earth … i bought mada biscuit and its piece of shit when i open any web site the whole intenet stop and the ping 200 and isnt stable it become 7000 when i open web site and i having connection losing alot of time and when i call the company they telling me the reason of your biscuit and its just new and they rejuct to period it so my advice search for another internet

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