The Convoy of Happiness

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

I was contacted last week by Bidaya, the Social Media Agency for Umniah‘s Ramadan initiative. Salwa, their social media manager, said they are going to Jerash to have some fun with kids and she was wondering if i would be interested to join their “Happiness Convoy” and said that couple of other bloggers will join.

That sounded interesting, almost everyone likes to see a smile on a kid’s face! So I said yes.

What I liked about this;

  • They already go every day to a different city in Jordan, play with kids, dance with them, face painting, gifts, etc… So it’s not just a bloggers activity; we are being involved in an already running good initiative.
  • It’s on a Saturday, I don’t have work and we were promised to get back to Amman by sunset, in case we want to spend Iftar time with family.
  • They haven’t asked us to tweet or blog about it. Only mentioned the hashtag if we want to tweet. #UmniahAlKhair
  • The big bus and other small buses and cars were so colorful and cheerful!
  • It didn’t look like a charity activity. Umniah and Bidaya teams played, danced and laughed with kids like they were best friends!
  • At the site, they asked mothers to step aside and let kids play. At first, mothers were too protective and wanted to stay with their kids, then Umniah team asked them nicely to let kids play. That was fun to watch.
  • After all the fun, there were some gifts to kids! Being themselves, kids unwrapped their gifts and threw papers all around. I saw some guys from Umniah actually picking up those papers and throwing them in trash cans. Good job! It wasn’t like throw some gifts at kids and leave.
  • As a thank you from Umniah, on our way back home, we got yummy cookies! 🙂

That was an amazing experience. Wasn’t the first, but was different.

We hear each and every day about how we should give to our communities, we were taught that since early ages. What was missing is the actual involvement. It’s not enough to let your CSR department go out on such initiatives and brag about it at conferences, newspapers and magazines. You need to teach and involve yourself and others to keep the wheel on goodness running.

Good job Bidaya and Umniah!

Tempo dancing with kids - The smile on this kid's face is priceless! ❤

One thought on “The Convoy of Happiness

  1. That is so cute, thanks for all the credit but you were the ones who added all this joy by being there 🙂 i seriously enjoyed having u around… so did Umniah’s team.. hope we see u soon & make sure u book ur seats for next weekend, it’s our last 😦

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