When a PR Agency Wins

I’m jealous of some PR agencies in other countries. The professionalism and creativeness they have is truly amazing. To say the least.

Social media and PR agencies always try to figure out best ways of reaching out to bloggers and influencers, most of the time, it’s a huge fail. As a blogger, I have been reached out and as someone who works in social media, I have reached out to influencers. It’s always a learning process and there’s always something new. Every time you meet a new personality and need to work around it.

Rules of thumb:

  • Don’t be self centered.
  • Give influencers incentives.
  • Give them the option to be fair, not promoting.
  • Learn their personalities before reaching out to them.
  • Reach out to them through a customized message or call. Don’t be or sound robotic.
  • Thank them regardless what the output was.

What brought all this up is a story happened about two months ago in Canada but I just didn’t have enough time to post about it until now.

Scott Stratten, president ot UnMarketing, was reached out by Duri Al-Ajrami, the Director of Social Marketing – Senior Partner at OgilvyOne Canada to join a campaign for Magnuim Ice Cream launch in Canada.

As per Scott; Duri said all the right things; to tweet or blog about it only if he wants to, when he wants to and the way he feels confortable and his audience too. Payment was cash AND Ice Cream! Isn’t this AWESOME?! Probably I’m jealous about the Ice Cream part, Scott ate a case of Ice Cream in 48 hours!

With that said, he decided to record a video about “Magnum’s False Advertising” Video is so funny, you can watch it on his blog. He said that Magnum claims this ice cream is double chocolate but in fact there were FOUR layers of chocolate! (made me drool) and said label should be changed to Quad Chocolate!

He also talked about their contest that allows participants to get a chance to win, well, 250k dollars value gifts! Isn’t this huge? And all you have to do is record a video saying why you should be the Magnum Heir!

Duri thought the video was funny too and decided to pay Scott a visit with four CUSTOMED boxes of ice cream. Take a look:


If you didn’t see; it says “Scott Stratten’s Quadruple Chocolate” !! Isn’t this awesome?!

Quoting Scott:

“PR doesn’t have to stand for Press Release. It can still mean Public Relations.”

Duri commented on Scott’s blog saying: “To be fair to all … The idea of the box was a team effort lead by the the AWESOME Mark Forward and Jamie George (two amazing Ogilvy folks) who planned this and blessed by our amazing clients Gina Kiroff and Joyce Kim who always drove us to think out of the box. I just delivered 🙂 Thank you all for your great words … we’re still learning”

Isn’t this cute? giving credit where due.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a PR win!

What is your experience with PR agencies ?

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