What’s +1 and What’s -1 about Google+

After 15 days of using GooglePlus; knowing that it’s still being fixed and improved, I would like to share my thoughts on what I like and what I’m not too impressed about.

LIKES (+1)

– Sparks! This is my #1 best feature in Google+. You can save topics and just get back to them like you have a customized website for that certain topic that gets you best articles and news on that specific topic.

– Everything is one click away. you dont have to go through different platforms to be social. you have your mail, gtalk, maps, all google on the same platform and all connected.

– Hangouts.

– I like the fact that people don’t see what circles you put them in and what circles you have moved them to.



– Anyone can add you to their circles and see my stream? Seriously? That means, anyone who decides to add you to their circles can see your posts in their stream. Check out this cool guide: Will user A see my post?

– I can mute a post but not a person. If I want to mute a person I have to block him or remove from circles. (in Facebook: hide all from XX) I want to add some people to circles, may for future references, but I don’t want to see their posts, Cannot be done.

– Some bugs that I reported already. Like I used to get notifications of a post I commented on even after I deleted my comments. (You know how, in facebook, when you untag yourself from a post pr photo so you don’t receive notifications? )

– There’s still no application for iPhone. It’s kinda weird when I grab my iPhone to open a google+ app. Not sure how I get the feeling that I might find it installed. lol

One thought on “What’s +1 and What’s -1 about Google+

  1. G+…
    Well, I’ve so many comments on it, and discovered several bugs… But no1 can see ur stream if you don’t add them to any circle UNLESS u share things publicly. This is handled, not a bug. You select what to share with who.
    There’s an application for android and it’s really cooler than the web based one.
    And, if you want to mute a person, I don’t see a point of keeping them in any of the circles, you can add him again whenever u’re interested.

    The sparks are my fav of all!

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