No More Fuddruckers!

All people around me know how much I love Fuddruckers and how much I specifically adore the Buffalo Chicken Salad there! I even left a tip on Foursquare for this salad and left them good comments on facebook page.

Today, I was with my sister and did not know what to do, and instead of going home, we went to Fuddruckers, I so wanted to have this Buffalo chicken salad! Got my order and started eating, half done, found hair in the salad !! 😦

I was so disappointed, called the first waiter I saw and showed him the hair, he took it and talked to the manager or supervisor then they took it back to the kitchen. after few minutes that manager came back and asked if I’d like to get another one. Did not even say they were “sorry”!! just like that! I said I wanted to pay and leave. He asked if we’d like to have anything else. We said no. (You’d think they won’t let us pay for the salad?) He came back with the check and said he made a 10% discount on the total! What the hell is going on!! I’m not the kind of people who make a scene or yell, etc. I just said I don’t want the discount! but he “insisted”, we paid and left with so much disappointment.

I am extremely upset and disappointed. That was one of my favorite places ever! I bet if I made a scene and yelled I would have been treated better than that! Seriously, they didn’t even say sorry! they wanted to get me a new salad! they gave me a 10% discount (Which was One JD) ! Where on earth does all this happen?? Sometimes I wish I was the kind of people who yell and make a scene.

Here’s the check:

7 thoughts on “No More Fuddruckers!

  1. Well he was kind enough to give you a discount, so at least it’s better than nothing.

    My friend found something much worse than hair in his burger in Fudds.. but in return he got a real royal treatment – 10 free dine-ins, regardless of how big the table is.


    • wow.. now thats a treatment! 🙂 again, it’s not about the discount. It’s the reaction to begin with. then a 10% discount means nothing to me. especially when a “sorry” would have fixed it all.

      see Fatoom’s story below. Now this is a good customer service.

      Your friend got a royal treatment indeed. did he invite you? :p

  2. well it was one of the worst experiences in a Jordanian restaurant!
    i remember once i went to Sbarro i ordered one of their pastas to try it for first time and i didnt like it! so they offered to change it for me and they didnt charge for it!!
    such service in Fuddruckers where they charge for service is not accepted at all!!
    am sure that u should send an email to the main Fuddruckers restaurant

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