ArabNet 2011, The Good and The Bad

Four days of connecting and networking, as well as a number of informative sessions.

Different companies, individuals, professionals, students and other have joined this conference in Beirut from 22-25 March.

The good:

– Halls were big, not crowded at all (not sure of it was the number pf people)
– Coffee breaks were good and at good timing.
– Sessions were interesting and informative.
– Open space booth concept at the exhibition, which allowed people to get creative!
– The big screens on walls.
– Great effort from all those who worked to make this happen, you could see how much work each and every one have put on this to succeed.

The Bad:

– Excuse me but the food portions were so tiny (but amount was massive) :p and if you know me, you’d know this is a serious issue for me! lol
– The big screens at the exhibition were in a good position but with no good use until last two days when the program and twitter streams were up.
– I think four days were a bit long. two days would have been enough.
– The badges area was not well organized.

See you next year! 🙂

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