Foursquare 3.0 [Review]

The new foursquare has some interesting features and major changes, let’s take a look!

First major change was the Explore tab (ex-Tips)

Here you will be able to search for what you, your friends or the foursquare community have recommended based on a specific or general search.

The search can be according to where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want recommendations from or even how far/near you’re going.

In the Explore settings in the upper left corner, you will be able to expand or narrow the search area, so you can search places within 0.25 miles up to 10 miles. You can also make the search more specific to what your friends have recommended, checked in, or are planning to do.

If you click the globe on the upper right corner, you’ll see the recommended places or the map so you know directions and how to go there.

I have searched for Falafel in Amman and got a recommendation for Al-Osra restaurant and my friends who have checked there.

Very Cool!

Now the second major change was a whole new leaderboard!

Remember the old personal page and boring leaderboard?

Well, the new personal page has the settings on the left corner and “Add friends” on the right corner.

The points system have changed and also was placed as a cool bar showing the best week points on the right. (Not sure about mine I remember I’ve done better!)

The leaderboard shows where you stand this week with profile pictures of you and your friends on the board. As the old one, click on this and it takes you to the detailed leaderboard, It’s displayed in a cooler way showing the pictures as well.

If you scroll down the personal page, you will get the and how many different places you have checked in for each category. You can go further to see what are these places and how many times you’ve checked in each one of them.

Scroll further down the personal page, you will see the top places you have checked in, tips you’ve given and your friends’ list.

The new friend request is displayed as a notification as seen in the picture. Not sure about this, could be a little annoying.

Change #3 was the Specials!

More types of specials and ways to get them from places around you. Open Places tab and you’ll see a notification at the bottom of the specials nearby. I love this!!

Other smaller changes and bugs fixes are in this update. Enjoy!

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