Our Benihana Experience!

As a blogger and a reader, I have read about the “not so perfect” experience at Benihana-Kuwait by Mark at 248am.com and I would like to share how I felt about the whole thing..

I usually read reviews here and there about different things but when it comes to food, I like to try for myself to judge. With that said; Mark’s original experience with his visit to the restaurant wouldn’t have kept me from trying that specific Benihana place even though I don’t live in Kuwait. I might like the food and I might enjoy the service like some comments on his post from people who tried and enjoyed it. Ironically, if it wasn’t for Mark’s post, I wouldn’t know about Benihana Kuwait and wouldn’t have loved to try it.

However, the GM’s comment and Benihana pursuing the lawsuit lost them even potential customers like me. It is rule number one in business nowadays to pay attention to bloggers and listen to social media conversations. Actually not just listen but also try to win those conversations. Apparently, Benihana-Kuwait did not ignore this rule.. they just messed it up so bad. You can tell by the media reaction, including bloggers, news and others. Around 70 bloggers and more than 25 articles in the news talked about this incident and all of them supported Mark.

Regardless to who wins the case at court, Benihana-Kuwait already lost a good number of (potential) customers.

It started as a “My Benihana Experience” by Mark but soon became “Our Benihana Experience” as bloggers, readers and observers.

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