Egypt is Shining

The first time I been to Egypt was on my birthday 2009. The second time was 1/1/2011. couple of weeks before #jan25 started. Went to meet some guys and girls I knew and heard about on twitter. They’re lovely and ambitious with so much love and determination to do something great for their country. They love Egypt like it’s the first time they been in love and want to take care of it, build it and keep it safe with their hard work and dedication.

I came back with so much love to this country and its people and wanted to go back again soon. Then Jan25 happened, at first everyone was confused I think, except the true Egyptians behind this movement. They knew what they wanted and wouldn’t go home before it’s done. 18 days passed with ups and downs, with yes’s and no’s.. The world watched Egypt and everyone was eagerly waiting to see what would happen, most wanted this to succeed, a lot were worried. on the other side, many were doubting and against, many were happy the way they were.. Not knowing what freedom can bring, maybe many couldn’t imagine.

Men and women protected their neighborhoods, homes and streets as all communications were cut off. Christians protecting Muslims and Muslims protecting Christians, there was no difference and there was one goal: Freedom! While Mubarak was playing a dirty game. thieves and criminals were sent to streets, Egyptian museum has been robbed. Then Egyptian Army got in the middle, protecting the museum and other important buildings.

People were still out, against the regime and against all the orders and curfew that were set. When people know what they want and are determined, Nothing can stay in their way. If there are no facts in this world, take this as the only fact. Tunisia proved it, Egypt as well.. February 11 brought the most important announcement. Millions of people at Tahrir and other cities in Egypt were still protesting but it took less than two minutes to turn it upside down, fireworks and music and songs and happiness in the air! What a lovely taste of freedom!

However, We should never forget those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and for the better future.. Looking at the Egyptian martyrs’ photos and names; I feel like I know them, everyone of them, like i met them before, like I will meet them again.. God bless your souls and may you rest in peace.. for you will always be with us and forever will live.. Amen

Today, Egyptians are out celebrating in a different way, cleaning streets, statues and walls. hand in hand building a new Egypt.. One that is free of corruption and hatred..

With a new shining sun upon its land, the great Egypt will never see the dark again. God bless all freedom loving people.. You did it and you’re all heroes!

4 thoughts on “Egypt is Shining

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  2. History written in tweets and a new era started by all those wonderful souls who died for this great cause.

    How jealous is everyone else to know that these people gave up their lives for their country? And it was not even a war or against some enemy; they were simply fighting for a better life.

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