There’s a hope shining

No matter how hard we try to get over it..
Deep down inside and sometimes out loud; we know we shouldn’t and we know we can’t..
It’s greater than all the years that have passed..
What would erase what the years have damaged and abused..
The tears and sleepless nights.. the nightmares, the pain and the sighs..
With every breath you take, you just wish you’d take it around them and you’d never let go..
With every step you make, you wish it was kisses on the ground beneath their feet..
How can we forget what brought us apart..
In all this mess of a tortured soul away from her beloved.. In all this nostalgia and dreams..
There’s a hope barely shining but will always be, for a day that brings us together for once and for all..
One day I’ll be running in the fields under that sun, around those mountains and I’ll be wishing you were with me..
One day, I’ll be telling the birds, that your soul never died and your voice is still in the air.. talking to the trees..
That day I’ll be standing on the highest mountain, proud and strong..
Talking to the gods you once worshiped, to the gods once listened to you..
and whispering; I miss you so..
One day and I know it’s coming; we’ll find our way back..

Long Live Caucasus..

4 thoughts on “There’s a hope shining

  1. getting over it ? may be not, the ones you love they will always occupy a chamber in your heart , it’s always painful to let go , and if love is mutual why would they go .

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