My 2011 Goals

1- Improve my health by 100% !!

2- Force neighbors to throw the trash in the neighborhood’s trash cans instead of just put them in front of the building for cats!

3- Go to gym. (yea right! if you search in my 2010 goals you’d find this too but failed)

4- Take wordpress’ challenge! and blog everyday! Used to do that anyway..

5- Visit new country/city. preferably Europe!

6- No accidents (well done in 2010, keep it that way)

7- Achieve something big at work. (doesn’t have to be work related tho lol jk)

8- secret 🙂

9- secret :S

10- secret :p

Happy New Year All!

7 thoughts on “My 2011 Goals

  1. 3ajabouni el secrets 8,9 and 10.
    I prefer not setting goals and leaving things happen spontaneously.
    But if it works for you , why not..go for it 😀
    Happy New Year! :))) xoxo

  2. 6b3an kolna bidna ni3raf l 8,9, and 10 (I think I know one of them though) :p

    best of luck jano,
    I think u`ll have some”accidents” with the “neighbours” 😉


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