Cookies Decorating and Honor Crimes

I was invited for a cookies decoration gathering at
and was really great meeting all the great people
I met there. The cookies were so yummy and we’ve done a great job
decorating them. by we i mean all except me! :S Few stuff I would
like to share is that every time I meet Kinzi, it’s another
inspiration wave i get, and also a lovely push to live more happily
and strongly! Mommabean is very funny, and I don’t
really find anyone funny.. can count them on one hand! Love her
sense of humor. Mommabean’s mom! yes she was there and what a
lovely woman she is! Again, cookies were so good! Now Kinzi and
others are working on the cause of honor killing. It is sad how
20-25 females are being killed every year in Jordan in name of
“honor” killing. La sharaf fe Jareema is the title of
the website they did to spread awareness. Please join the website
and share what you feel about this and if you have stories that
fit. it’s a great cause and we need all to spread awareness and
bring the number to zero!

3 thoughts on “Cookies Decorating and Honor Crimes

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  2. Hella Ya Jano!!! Thanks so much or all the good words!!! Wasn’t it fun? We are still enjoying those lovely Chechen treats you brought 🙂 And your cookies were special too, each person’s was unique.

    MommaBean is indeed hilarious, as well as about 1,000 other positive adjectives. She is one of my favorite human beings in Jordan.

    Thanks so much for mentioning the La Sharaf Fil Jareemeh launch. Joining voices will make a difference in saving women’s lives and helping men to rise to their own positive expression of honor.

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