I think my soul is not less messed up than yours and I feel pity how life played its game while we had no control or maybe we
allowed it all to happen.

Actually sometimes you allow things to go for the sake of better things to come your way, after some time, you find yourself waiting and still waiting for the nothing. you put some rules and chains trying to keep things and yourself on track and under control. then you realize you have missed the good stuff. missed it all and sometimes you never know for sure. or you never know at all..

I hope this doesn’t make sense to you because it doesn’t make sense to me by one bit. to be “honest”, life never made sense to me.. which i thought have added a touch of spices but I could be wrong.. Sometimes things need to make sense..

Trust, big word that means nothing until it’s gone.. then it hits you that you never had any! if you had trust then it wouldn’t have
gone. for most of the times at least! Why do we trust and are we suppose to? I think it’s just one of the things that really complicate our life more and more.. for no reason at all. we should take it a bit easy..

Honesty, we love people and wanna be honest with them. I think if you really love them, you’re never 100% honest. some of us are not 1% honest with themselves, how about with others? Honesty hurts, I don’t think we want hurt so by default, deep down inside, we never wanted honestly.. so throw this to trash as well..

Respect; what does it mean to respect? define respect.. to be kind, good, honest, and what? respect is such a
huge word.. that could include everything inside. you don’t call people liars and say you respect them, for one. you don’t lie to people and say you still respect them!! that’s one bad example..

anyway. one thing i’d say about respect is that it’s unconditional. unlike trust, honestly or even Love.

4 thoughts on “Unconditional

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  2. Defining trust, honesty, respect is hard! “at best” and by defining I mean the “attachments” these words have on US, on our daily life, and how the shape us, for good!

    Complicated yet sweet in a way, right?
    Struggling thru them is a path we chose and live by.

    Nice jano, as always.


  3. I think love, on its own, can be unconditional, like loving your parents or kids, maybe that special someone too, maybe, but the feeling itself can be unconditional. Respect though is gained, so it’s never unconditional, I respect you until you make me stop respecting you based on what I consider to be a felony or not. So it’s subjective -in my opinion- and hence its not unconditional. Subjectivity should be unconditional, I can hate you and have no respect for you what so ever but stay subjective with you.
    Hello there πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you Haitham πŸ™‚

    Naser, hey πŸ™‚ what i meant is when you respect someone and they havent dont anything to break this, it should be unconditionally like i respect you with this but not with that, i respect you when i feel like it but when im not in mood, etc..

    thanks for passing by πŸ™‚

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