Google Days Jordan | Part II

Google Innovations by Ahmad Hamzawi, Head of Engineering – MENA

This was one of the WOW presentations and demos; most of the things i didn’t know about before..

35% of queries have at least one search result from an Arabic forum.

iPhone is the mobile platform that drives the highest search traffic in Jordan.

Google translate SMS and voice!

You can send the location info, text, etc from Chrome on your laptop to your phone. (Chrome to phone)

Through Voice Action; you can set the phone’s alarm to whatever time you like, start your favorite song, start gps with the location you want instead of typing it while driving. You can also send messages and emails, for example: send Jansait sorry I will be late!

Goggles is another cool thing; you can take a picture with your phone camera and it will tell you what it is (i like!) also can translate signs for you, for example you’re in a foreign country and you see a sign on the road and wonder what it says, Goggles can translate it for you.

also you can add a business card information to your contact list!

Visual and 3D search; saw a can that you like in a magazine? you can see it in 3D! LOVE IT!

Here’s a video of few features:

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