Google Days Jordan | Part I

Three days of a Google’s spirit in town. At Grand Hyatt Hotel, Amman, Google’s team gathered to give sessions, help, spread positivity for three days!

I haven’t attended the first two days but the third one was interesting enough to let me imagine how energetic the whole three days were.

At the Internet Insights and Trends in the Middle East session by Wael Ghonim, some important points mentioned were the little amount of Arabic content on the internet especially when compared to the percentage of queries in Arabic and the percentage of people in the region who prefer content in Arabic. Basically this gives the opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to come up with something in this domain.

Some of the valuable conclusions were:

1- Solve a real problem that exists! (for example, the services, applications and websites in Arabic)
2- Build UGC products in Arabic that help grow specialized content.
3- Leverage the fact that people are looking for: News / Videos / Audios
4- Think Mobile! & Don’t just focus on Blackberry and iPhone
5- Make your product social.
6- Target the region if not the whole world.
7- Focus on the younger generation.
8- Launch Fast & Fail Faster! Get feedback and listen to your users! The fast you fail, the faster you get up and launch again.
9- Be inspired by others who did it simple. Khan Academy and the Egyptian Wikipedia volunteer!
10- Change the world!

To be continued…

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