1st Arab Social Media Forum

Even though I wasn’t there from the start, I could manage to come at 10 and enjoy this event. Some really interesting speakers like Mark Comerford from Linkoping University, Silvia Cambie from Chanda Communications, and others.

I could catch the second half of Rashid Al-Ballaa speech when he listed some reasons why forums are important. As he says forums are a good source for reviews, Q&A like yahoo answers, events, etc and a good platform for chatting, local search and local communities. He also mentioned that anonymity in forums fits well with the Arab conservative culture.

Mark took off his shoes and got on stage talking about changes that will f*uck us up!

My favorite part of the presentation was this comparison between analog and digital networks:

You can find the complete presentation here.

– Other speakers talked about other things, some of the things that caught my attention were:

– With only few channels of media everyone was happy. Samir Issa founder of 4D creative.

– “People will buy but only if you stop selling” Samir Issa

– “Listening analysis enables you to engage and convert fans in buyers” Patrick Atallah

– One of the examples is raising money for Haiti through social media – Silvia Cambie

– 60% of Internet users in Saudi Arabia are women. Silvia Cambie

What does it take to introduce social media to a conservative organization? One Person. Silvia Cambie

and many others.

Now the important part was the announcement of the 2nd Arab Social Media Forum which will be in Riyadh, KSA in May 2011.

Not sure how easy this will be regarding visas and all. but hope to see you all again there.

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