Jordanian Bloggers Meet-up

Around 20 bloggers have gathered at Al Qasr Hotel on November 27th to discuss several points concerning bloggers in Jordan. Thanks to Ali Alhasani for organizing this meet-up.

One of the points was; is it better to blog in Arabic or English? Almost everyone there agrees that it depends on the topics, audience, content, etc. For example; for topics concerning issues in Amman for example, it’s preferable that one blogs in Arabic so it reaches more people.

Which led to another point; how important are the views and comments? Some important posts and rich in content have no comments but other “another emails-forward” gets a lot of traffic and comments. So I do not think comments are a measurement. As for views, I think many points affect the number of views. Like the age of blog, the consistency, topics, target, etc. So all in all I believe it depends on why you are blogging and what you have in there.

Is micro-blogging killing blogging? I bet almost all of us blogged less after twitter came to life. It’s easier, quicker, reaches more people in less time, and easier interaction with people. Tweeps find it easier to comment and reply to a tweet than a blog post.

Are bloggers a news source? according to bloggers at the meet-up; yes and no. yes because whatever happens locally or globally; bloggers like to cover it and sometimes it’s better to hear from the local people with their own observations, pictures, videos, etc than from official news source. No; because, again, twitter is becoming the fastest news source.

Asad Akbar who came from Silicon Valley asked if companies in Jordan actually pay for bloggers to talk about their brands and whether they use bloggers as a marketing tool. I’ve seen this many times with different bloggers so I would say yes but not as much as it should be.

Let me know what you think..

4 thoughts on “Jordanian Bloggers Meet-up

  1. Nice 1 jano.
    I think the blogging scene inJordan is a profound one, I really do.
    Regarding the impact, I`d just say it`s “growing”

    As for writing in Arabic, as u said.. it depends. I would love to see more Arabic posts though <=== writing this in English! Lol.
    I mean Arabic deserves that and it has "reach" too u know. I don`t like the usage of 3arabeezi though (although I`m guilty as well here). It would be nice to see propper Arabic language here and there 🙂
    As a marketing tool, tiny steps I must say, tiny steps 🙂

    Thx, wish I can attend one of these gatherings and get deeper interactional insights.


  2. Nice post! but please, English!!! I still need some time to learn Arabic 😀

    Now serious, I think you guys should use more Arabic! After all, this is your language and a really nice one.

    I wish I could use google translate with this crazy 3ha5do7ta123456789 language. hahahaha… just kidding!

    Take care!

  3. Thanks for keeping Jordanian expats updated about this meeting. From the questions you mentioned, it looks the discussion was very interesting.

    Although, twitter has so many advantages, especially for those who like to follow world news, I am disappointed that it eliminated many good Jordanian blogs. I would like to hear one’s opinion and observation about a subject rather than what he or she is hearing right now or at which restaurant he/she is eating right now. I have been reading about this meeting a lot on twitter but I got nothing. I am sure it helps as a reminder or where the meeting is. But for those who are not attending a tweet can never explain what happened in the meeting as this post. So, thank you for that.

    Regarding the language used in posting I think both Arabic and English are equally important.

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