Random Thoughts

Life is such a funny thing. World is as small as a city that is as big as Dubai. which I just visited for the first time.

When we meet people in our lives, we smile, laugh, cry or wonder. smile and go. laugh and stay. cry and remember. wonder and dream. Some people make us smile, laugh, cry and wonder, all together. It was never an easy thing to get over people. but once we do; it’s such a relief, the trick is to know that it’s not about stop loving them, or stop thinking of them. It’s about Life. the beauty is that it goes on. Nothing is constant except change. Only if we allow it to happen. and nothing is more beautiful than change.

I learned a lot but sometimes I ask myself, what for? Where is this path of life taking me? Do I have a choice? If so, what do I really want? If I know, is it good for me? Do I want the good? On the way getting there, did I hurt anyone? Not those who I know of, but those who I hurt but never knew I did. Will they ever forgive me? I can only hope. Will I forgive those who did hurt me? Sometimes I do, other times I learn to forgive them.

On this path I’m walking; are my loved ones proud of me? are they happy? Am I responsible of making them so? Why? Will they do the same for me? and then what? Life becomes all happy and peaceful? Is it fun this way? Or it’s not about fun? What is it about?

Why they do this and why we can’t get away.. why our paths meet and then part so easily or so hard? leaving a smile or a scar.

What is wrong and what is right? It’s for you to decide. The question is how much or will you ever compromise? It has always been give and take. A trade-off if you may. but it was never what you “think” it is.

There’s always something more, there’s always a way. If not, then it’s not what it’s meant to be. Some might agree and some might say No! but who knows for sure?

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

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  2. No1 knows 4 sure! That`s a sure thing.

    I guess it`s an important part of life, this dilemma I mean… it kinda refutes the whole process of living!

    *shiklo Dubai got into/to u 😀


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