I Would Love to See You in the Parliament

First of all, majles el nwab should be about everything that concerns the citizens, not just laws and rules, etc. Therefore, I would like to see the following people in the parliament:

Abu Mahjoub (Emad Hajjaj) – because we need someone من وحل الواقع .
Raji Dowara (Nadeem Sarraj) – because the Jo parliament is maglab after all.
Maher Kadoura – Positivity, I have no idea what else we need in Jordan!
Urdun mubdi3 – We need such initiatives in the parliament.
Nakhweh and Under Olive Tree to be competing for the “voluntarism” seat.
Mousa Hjazeen – for his sense of humor and representing that part.
O2A – to make sure the website is better than this one: http://www.parliament.jo/
@Zriegat – representing the lawyers. Also he’s really helpful and funny.
AmmanTT – representing the tech side.
7iber – representing the journalists.
Aramram TV – to replace Jordan TV and live stream the parliament sessions.
Abu Saleem – First, give him Jordanian citizenship if he agrees and still doesnt have it then get him in the parliament. representing the environment.
mab3oos or @MohannedA for the ghorbeh seat. In my dreams, the parliament has maq3ad aljalyeh al2ordonyeh.
Ali Maher – Sheikh Amman, We need such spirit in the parliament 🙂
Khawla Al3armooti, The Sister. she has the most powerful slogan!
Amjad Qoursha – The religion side.
3alarasi.com just because i like them!

Feel free to add but I have to approve it first 🙂

10 thoughts on “I Would Love to See You in the Parliament

  1. أكدّ دبور بأن عضو مجلس النوّاب المشاكس، مبعوص، كان قد ضُبِط في مركز أمن زهران بعد التأكد بأنه هو أبو الحروف. و جاء ذلك عندما إنقض النائب النشيط من مِقعده و هجم هجوم الاسد على خربوش الذي كان قد حوّل 7iber to 7ebir

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  3. What a great list! they would make a great parliament, totally agree and in this case I will definitely vote in fact I want to vote for all of them if I could, except for 5awla el 3armoty and amjad qorsha!

    • why not Amjad qorsha? lol he can get it thru el maq3ad el sharkase hehe or maybe not!

      but yeah i would love to see them instead of all the past and current candidates.

      • I didn’t know he’s Sharkasi!! I thought azdek yfooz 3n 7ezeb el e5wan. anyway I don’t like him coz he think him self so cool and know everything about young people aw y3ne enno fahem kol 7arakat shabab w bnat el jam3a

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  5. U r brilliant how u got this idea!
    I liked th post, th idea, & those whom u elected 🙂
    I will vote to them … I wish at least one of them to be there …

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