Simple, Cozy and Crowded

Simple: Not complicated, not confusing, easy to know, to hang around with or at.. no politics involved.. just as pure as water running down the mountains.. crystal clean and easy. As pure as the beach sand that hasn’t been touched yet.. hasn’t been messed with.. Like a child’s heart in his mother’s arms.

Cozy; it’s like how the moon floats on the water.. no efforts and no arguing.. it just floats on the surface and tuck its light underneath, so easy and natural.. cozy like you wrap yourself in a blanket and sit by the fire.. the soft blanket, the warm fire and the stars watching over you.. clear mind and cool breeze.. like there’s no one else on earth..

Crowded; like a field full of daisies.. so many, not organized but colorful and happy.. dancing together with the music of life, just flowing with the wind.. reaching up to the sun.. like it’s meant to be.. and like there’s no escape from this.. waiting for someone to pick them up and take them faraway..

3 thoughts on “Simple, Cozy and Crowded

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