Proposal for Jordanian Elections

I would like to propose 5 rules for the Jordanian Parliamentary Elections.

1- Every candidate has to prove his/her dedication and hard work to this country and especially to their communities. How? for at least a year; he/she has to do voluntary work on a weekly basis, help the community in different areas like education, children, environment, etc. (How else are we going to know they are true?)

2- No banners in the streets. banners are only allowed at the “electoral tents”/offices that also includes no graffiti of any kind anywhere outside the offices. (They’re just ugly!)

3- Every candidate should have a clear program of what and how they want to support their communities. and should be asked about it and renewed every year. If they failed, they’re out. if they met their programs, they get a bonus! (I believe in the punishment/reward system)

4- Parliament sessions to be aired live and online. (Embrace technology).

5- No privileges for the parliament members. (No = None).

5 thoughts on “Proposal for Jordanian Elections

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  2. A Jordanian can dream, can`t s/he? 😉

    Never gonna happen “in near future” :(, esp. # 5!

    *U knw, it “some” countries, programmes/banners can be used as evidences to show whether candidates r sticking to what they promised! (3ogbalna)


  3. 1- I think keeping track of candidates’ records is the job of voters and organizations working on their behalf. If we’re to make candidates volunteer their time, of course they will be doing it because they want to show a good side of them.
    2- I am with you on the banners. They are ugly, polluting, and wasteful. However, if the government were to charge a banner/poster hanging permit fee, then it’ll be a huge money making scheme!
    3- this is basically their reputation. unless Jordanians vote according to competence and qualifications, the tribal connection will always trump all failures to meet promises.
    4-I am with live broadcast of parliament sessions.
    5- not just that. with the way parliament is run these days, I think members should pay a “membership fee!”

  4. H, yeah.. dream on, find somewhere that can make ur dreams real OR start the change and help the country. that what i hope from the coming generations, inshallah.

    mab3oos, membership fee.. that’s el mele7 3al joro7 zay ma be7ko..

    Osama; one day.. it has to happen.

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