5 Suggestions For Prettier Streets

With all the banners and photo albums we see in the streets and sidewalks in Amman these days, (Elections Spirit) I think we can come up with ideas to make them all organized and pretty. Why? because…

First: there’s no point in placing your photo that big and multiple posters next to each other.

Second: you’re wasting money, time and environment. If you’re a Jordanian or at least lived in Jordan for a good amount of time, you will know that every one already has voters. every tribe votes for its man. Nothing’s gonna change because you said “yes, Jordan for everyone” or “together, we will fix everything” this is simply BS.

Third and last: be smart. for this country’s sake. those text you send to our phones are useless. I wish there was the UNvote button.

Here are my suggestions for prettier streets:

– Yes, go on the internet (aka social media) tell us what you have., convince us! Us; who do not have time to attend your manasef tents.

– Use friendly colors to eyes for your campaign on the streets (if you really have to hang anything)

– Follow up on your banners. some are torn by “wind”.

– Stop those cheesy headlines for your campaign. and guess what? saying “bedoon she3arat” is scarier that saying anything and never keep a promise.

– Know where to hang your banners and photos. direction signs and such are not the right place. all around the circle is not the right place. maybe on the sidewalk! since we do not have a decent one anywhere in Jordan.

See some samples of Not so pretty streets:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6 thoughts on “5 Suggestions For Prettier Streets

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  3. Amman Municipality should seriously do something about the banner pollution! It’s not civilized and it’s a safety hazard, how many people almost (and I don’t wanna say that they did because I hope to God that no one did) got in an accident because some stupid banner blocked their view? 4th and 5th circles are nightmares.

    Two thumbs up on the “bidoun she3arat” mention, I was just saying that the other day 🙂

  4. Thanks Naser 🙂

    Haitham, law teje tshoof el manzar keef.. eshe bekhze..

    Rand, today i saw one of the posters (wood frame) on the street. so yeah.. im sure something bad happened somewhere. hopefully not.

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