Why Arab World Cannot be Silicon Valley

For all the reasons you might think of and also because and maybe only because most of us, Arabs, have a mass amount of negativity within and around us. We like to be negative, enjoy it, regarding everything! We don’t even give anything a chance! (again, most of us) Not just that, we teach it to expats in our countries. and it’s stunning how they learn it so fast! (again, some of them)

We gotta find a solution for this negativity, not only to aspire and become silicon valley or any successful example, but also for our future, for our children and for this side of the world to be a better place!

Here are nine advices from what I’ve learned by observing what’s going around:

– If you think you do your job perfectly like no one else and other people just suck.. well, It’s Ok your highness, give them a chance, maybe they are learning how to do it right. maybe you can teach them in a nice way. (yeah?)

– If you’re so funny and attract people in a magnetic way; but negative and offensive internally and especially to certain people for whatever reason you hold, you will have only a limited community, limited brain and crappy future on all levels. (unless you have huge amount of money to buy nice words all day long)

– If you do not like something, don’t bash it. others might benefit from what you reject. Let them! Save your negative opinion. and guess what? maybe you would need this “product” in the future.

– If a certain company/organization happen to be your competitor, be good to them, maybe share knowledge so this community can get better and be a cozier place for exchanging information and attracting business.

– If someone/company/organization and especially from an experienced-in-field country offered “collaboration” or “help” check them out and see what they have to offer. Might be something good for BOTH of you! Who knows. ( وعسى أن تكرهوا شيئا وهو خير لكم )

– Don’t think too big of yourself! stop showing off in every possible way.. There’s always someone better than you and there’s never the best.

– It’s not a race. it’s really not.

– Stop Spreading hate, focus on your work and be good to everyone. BE POSITIVE.

– Smile more often.

8 thoughts on “Why Arab World Cannot be Silicon Valley

  1. look sometimes it’s not hate or arrogance…but when you notice the huge amount of “startups” in Jordan that are nothing but websites offering services that nobody use/will use then you HAVE to make it clear that such things are PLAIN stupidity without future…

    want a Silicon Valley ? then try to INNOVATE like they do in the Silicon Valley and that’s done not by creating websites and spam people on twitter.

    Sometimes negtivity is needed as a wake-up slap

    • It can be a constructive criticism rather than negativity.

      totally agree with the innovation part, but also some great things started with plain “stupid” ideas. and then comes another idea and something completely different comes out of it.

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  3. yes Jano, but it doesn’t take a genious to know that a website is not a “startup”, facebook/myspace/twitter are among the “VERY few” websites that made it world wide, and they didn’t use “social media” to market their product.

    It’s a quick reciept to failure what our people do, they start “marketing” things that don’t exist ! there’s no point in doing massive spam/marketing/socialmedia/rahrah when you have nothing but a translated version of a website or a service that’s totally useless.

    Innovate ==> take the time and put the effort to come up with something worthwhile, useful, practical, reliable ==> THEN do marketing…not the other way around..or at least that’s how I think succesful companies/people do.

    if I find someone marketing a website that has a chatting forum and some pictures, then I don’t think negative or positive or any kind of cirisim is actually gonna make any difference.

    • You have a point here.. I agree. But my point was how to react to such “startups” I don’t like to put ppl down in a hard way.. Some need guidance and help rather than bashing their nothingness u know what I mean.. I know it doesn’t need a scientist to know whatever I did was good or worthless sometimes but some ppl really have no idea n they wanna do something n be something.. Why not.. Let’s show them how they can do it better.. If we have a better idea

  4. Agreed! Really neat suggestions. #4 is my fav.
    In 2dyz world f buz. ; the mentality of competition should change!

    U can compete with me in 1 (say sector) and collaborate with another! 🙂


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