The Other People

In life, There are two kinds of people; the people you know and the other people. and recently, if you look deeper and closer; you will find that the people you know are those you communicate with through social networks, online. and the Other People are those who are in “real” life. (generally speaking).

Funny, but true to a certain point.

Lately, I have been going out more with people i met through blogs and twitter. (not Facebook because it’s more for relatives, high school friends and co-workers). The other day I went out with the Other People, aka my high school friends, where twitter did not exist back then, not Facebook or even blogs, maybe. (I’m not that old tho) So while i was out, I shared few pics and tweets with people on social networks. at that moment it felt a bit weird. Why cannot I enjoy a complete outing without social networks; foursquare, twitter, Facebook, blogs or even without talking about any of them! (remember when there were no cell phones?)

One question: What’s next?

When I started going to Tweetups; meeting new people from twitter and old ones from blogs, I thought that regardless to what the studies say about social networks vs real life; social networks brought people together in real life, like online people are now meeting offline, having a real cup of coffee or having dinner together. But now I’m thinking that it’s more like the social networks are taking over my real life not just adding people to it!

A “phase” that I’m experiencing but doing nothing about it. (because -I think- I still can control it)

As a result,

No matter who you call the “other people”, this term does exist in your life if you are using the social networks (if you do not, then you would not be reading this i guess).

Split personality is a possible side effect. no worries.

Enjoy it, use it but do not get addicted. It’s a thin line.

Nothing lasts forever, even the facebook itself! Yeah. we’ll see about that.

Have a happy social networking day/night!

8 thoughts on “The Other People

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  2. You’re absolutely right…

    With time, the lines between online, and offline will continue to blur and there will only be one group of people. Those that you know and communicate with in whatever way you deem appropriate

  3. Love it..
    The more we go forward with social media + technologies that go along with it (iPhones, BB, iPads, Computers, Tvs with wi-fi…) it feels like we’re surrounded by them to a level that only 3-4 yrs ago was unimaginable to most of us.
    I sometimes feel as if we’re headed towards a real-life “Matrix” where reality is fully replaced with an alternate virtual world and forget about the real world.
    Wow!! I feel like I just had a “Zhuangzi” moment.. Hehe..
    Anyway, nice post..

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