Dear Mama,

I still can’t believe how happy i made you while causing you all the pain for 9 months and even more when delivering me to this world. I think it’s really amazing how you wanted me so bad.

Then and even before that, you got me books, all kinds in many languages, science, religion, maths, art, stories and many more. In Arabic, English and French. regardless to how many I really read or still do and regardless to the fact I don’t anymore, I still appreciate you doing that, way more than i let you know.

Surprised me when I got older that you wrote me a first year diary. Nothing much is in there because I wasn’t doing much back then. But you found a lot to say everyday. Like how much you love me, what I was wearing, what color was my dress, and how other people were happy carrying me around. including the first smile, the first time i got sick, the first everything.

I call them junk, but you keep my first year clothes somewhere in your closet. Like you would never let go the baby me. Also it’s funny how you’re keeping my kinder garden’s books. first exams and all.. I monthly throw even more important stuff just to free some space but you never threw my nonsense that I once called an art!! you believed it was.

You take care of my health when it’s the last thing on my list, you took care of my clothes when all i wanted was to play outside and get them dirty and you still do and I still do, you take care of my feelings even when I hurt you. you always take care of the details even when I don’t care anymore.

I know so many moms out there are really great.. but who’s greater than you!

Now that your heart is not feeling Ok.. and you don’t want us to care.. it hurts me the most that I can’t be as good with you. not as much as you deserve and not even close! I wish I cherished you more, like tears would help now! i know.. I pray it’s not too late, you sweetest thing on earth.

hang in there.. I love you so..

8 thoughts on “Dear Mama,

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  2. الله يخليلكم إياها
    و ما عليها بأس…
    إذا بتطبعي الإدراج و بتحطيه مكان -أو أكثر- مشان تقرأه بكون حلو بتوقع 🙂

  3. Habibiti… salamit7a. I had no idea. And it’s never too late. Mothers know these things. Your mother knows it too, it’s in her heart and what helps here while it isn’t feeling ok. Hang in there. You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers 🙂

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