Entrepreneurship from the Eyes of a Customer

I’m not into this entrepreneurship “wave” and don’t want to have my own company one or any day. not that I’m not ambitious, etc but it’s too much trouble and headache sometimes, also there’s no career path.. you’re always the founder or the owner! lol ok last line was a joke but made sense to me at a certain point.

Anyway, with all these entrepreneurs around us and everywhere (literally), a lot of companies will see the light as startups, with all these companies there has to be a lot of services. again, with services, different companies and all of them want to prove themselves, comes the competition.

Advise to all entrepreneurs and startups out there: One thing to take care of in order to succeed, Quality.

You take care of this and everything else will fall into place and your business will reach so high (providing that it’s a good idea of course).

We, customers, care about quality. especially when there’s so many of something in the market. If an idea hit your mind (as an entrepreneur) it SURE hit someone else’s mind somewhere else in this world (and there’s a good chance at the same time too). if not, then something very close. so you need to stand out from all the crowd of startups and businesses out there.

We, customers, care about anything that would solve a need or a problem we always had but never cared or had the ability to solve. so you got to always search for what annoys us the most and find an applicable solution. this would make a big hit AND sell. (and make us happy).

Finally, always bring something new. Please do not bore us. (more than we already are)

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship from the Eyes of a Customer

  1. OH yes entrepreneurs.

    These days they spend most of their time advertising themselves on twitter instead of focusing on developing their business and enhancing the services they provide.

    It’s like when MBA was the big thing a few years ago and now everyone has an MBA and is not so special. Now everyone is an entrepreneur and it is harder for customers and investors to know who is REALLY one because, like I said, they spend most of their retweeting.

  2. V good read.
    The focus on quality and paying more attention to competition r 2 keys indeed.
    What gets to me is the over emphasis on theoritical assumptions + exessive marketing with no real work done! Only mere lip-service!

    What ever happened to putting 16-17 hours / day as a charataristic of an entrepreneure!


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