Elections in Jordan 2010

The Jordanian parliamentary elections are like anything else that is Jordanian (except few). The idea is good, the spirit is high, there’s a will for a better change, etc.. but applying all that gets messed up on the way. and for some reason, EVERY time.

Last night I dreamed of the elections that is supposed to happen this coming November, and of course, talking about Jordan, I “had” to dream about tribes. so without going into details; the dream was that the election process has started so smooth and flowing (I was surprised in the dream). Suddenly, it turned to tribal competition! people were rushing to vote for their tribes and, of course, cheating the system so they are registered where they want to be. so far, it doesn’t sound like I was dreaming, right?

While I was in the building watching the people coming in organized lines to register and vote, I heard some yelling and shouting outside. went to check what was going on to find a lot of men raging and trying to get in while the policemen were trying to push them away. I got upset and felt like asking them to relax!! seriously, it’s not like it never happened in real life, but the scene i saw in my dream was so chaos and stupid! What was wrong with people? I had no idea! I got inside the building again, a woman has a problem. the thing is that she wanted to vote on behalf her mother, saying that her mother is unable to make it to the voting booth!

Many other things happened and when i woke up i thought of calculating how many years we still need to have the majority of Jordanians believe that things can and should be organized, legal, smooth, fair and better for all. if they are doing good to their country, they are actually doing good to themselves, their kids and the future.

I believe I had this dream because I’m kinda wondering how the 2010 elections will be like.. and 99% convinced that it will be nothing different than anytime before.

Some ideas for a better Jordanian Parliament:

– Those who nominate themselves should have minimum requirements, well, better min requirements than the current ones: like university degree, positive activities in the society, achievements in their local communities and town even if small achievements, they have to prove they’ve already done something good to their community even before the elections and not only in the same year of elections!

– Candidates should have a clear and realistic program on what they want to do and what parts they would like to change, etc.

– Those who “win” should NOT have any kind of advantages like cars from the gov, high salaries, retirement salary (not sure if they still have this).

– There should be an assessment every 6 months for their performance and how they helped to make things better. If they failed to prove themselves, they would be sent home. The assessment should be on TV and in presence of selected people from the parliament members’ communities.

– The Parliament meetings and sessions should be live on JTV and maybe something like مسّج مع روتانا 🙂 so people can share their ideas.

– I can go on forever but will leave that to you.

Here’s a song من وحي الواقع

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