Fear of Heights

On our way there, I kept looking down, heights scare me. make me feel insecure and far away from my comfort zone. I cared and then not.. i looked down and around.. unsure, surprised but there was no going back. at least not before it’s time to go back.

I said like a million prayer in my head while closing my eyes so tight and holding whatever I could hold! Wishing it’s not my suicidal experience! Then it stopped, became so quite and couldn’t hear the engines anymore. we reached the height -i think- we were supposed to reach. Suddenly, the fly became amazing. interesting views and lovely fresh air from up above. It’s like seeing the earth from a different view. The mountains looked so small that you can easily step upon them and walk, the wind was tough though. Couldn’t touch the clouds but were close enough to imagine how diving into them would be like! I couldn’t say a word. my smile was so wide and my eyes were opened so I don’t miss one look at everything i could lay my eyes upon. took a deep breath, so refreshing but a bit cold.

Then when I just felt comfy being that high, they said it’s time to go down. to the ground again. exactly where we left from. But I didn’t want to.. felt a bit sad. I know it’s impossible to live up there all my life but I could have stayed a little bit more. I said nothing.. didn’t even beg for a minute more, although I wanted to so bad!

Going down was harder than going up, and I thought it was what i wanted when we took off, but turned out it’s like leaving a piece of you hanging between the sky and ground. you can’t reach it and it can’t fall down to you.

What happened next? I don’t know. I woke up to the sound of my stupid alarm.. and to the day I hate the most!

5 thoughts on “Fear of Heights

  1. lol, 7amdeAllah 3ala l salameh ,,, u knw jano,, as I was reading I was thinking: “laih ma feeh pics 6ayyib!” but when I reached the end I was ==> šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


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  3. Hamza went paragliding…. If you went too I would have murdered you both LoL!

    Flight dreams are amazing… Expect great things Jano… I wont interpret it for you but considering your recent changes yes, things are good el7amdell

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