Virtual Storage

I was cleaning my room the other day and going through pics, letters, papers, etc.. they are old and taking a lot of space but have special memories.. then it crossed my mind that isn’t it better that we have a virtual memory/storage? Which I think our kids and next generations will have only virtual storage.

When I was in school and even after school, was exchanging letters and pictures with friends, in Jordan and outside Jordan.. special people and friends from Lebanon, Australia, Germany, USA, etc. I smellthe letters, read the words, look at pictures and laugh 🙂

But again, next generations won’t have all this, all letters are emails and pictures are all digital, the books are e-books.. even the CV’s are online now, the photo frames are digital, seems like everything has been E’d and digitized lately.. Almost every thing is online in a “virtual” storage, rather than my old good boxes..

is it good? is it bad? I think it’s good. I enjoy papers, reading real books, real pictures, real frames but still love the flexibility that technology offers. We do not have to have extra space everywhere for our old stuff that still mean to us and we do need to keep them but sometimes we don’t look at them and other times we hardly find a space for them.

Everything has its good and bad.. but we like it or not, the whole world is going digital already.

8 thoughts on “Virtual Storage

  1. yup, real books and real pictures taste different.. you feel there is a relation between you an them
    i always convert my favourite digital pictures to real ones, and still hate e-books…
    btw i love ur Mode of expression ..:)

  2. There are very rare instances when a hand written and postal physical mailed letter has a symbolic meaning .. not only in social issues, but also business and them being hand written makes the content that more likely to be considered genuine than a printed one.

    The conclusion is that we do still use them, but they’re becoming the exotic treat kept for special occasions.

  3. I agree.
    But -to me- the smell, taste, and ALL will be muuuuch better and sweeter.
    I don`t mind it takes a space, or if they r torn, or anything,,, the materiality of it makes me feel wondrful and fills me wth joy.

    I hate E-ing world! I really do, it`s more eff$nt, true, but me no like in comparison of thE oldy world 🙂


  4. I agree, the old way is nice because u can relate to the material that you touch, like letter that is worn out or a an old shirt. however those things take up a lot of space in the house, and we end up disposing them off in the end. So having most of our stuff e-stored gives the opportunity to keep more of our memories in a very small place 🙂 i like the post 🙂

  5. Love paper letters, memos, notebooks… dunno i am an old fashion man 😀 i still write my stories on papers. and yet i have a big box with so many hidden notes, pictures ..

    Nice post, where is the Arabic posting u?

  6. yamama: we do that sometimes to some pictures 🙂 thanks for the comments.. appreciate it 🙂

    CivilLizard: we still use them, but for how long? i think next generations wont have this .. maybe..

    Haitham, I dont hate E-world.. but i miss the physical papers and pics..

    evatarma , thank you thank you 🙂

    Luay, nice..

    Pascal, the arabic ones are coming soon 😀 maybe i should write more on papers to get inspired 🙂

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