10 Days Off – 10 Things To DO

As most of you already know, I’m changing careers/jobs. with this move I got 10 days vacation which I will be spending in town. (aka home aka bed) lol well, most of the time at least!

My To Do List in these two weeks:

– Read and finish the book I’m reading now.
– Clean my room and maybe the house.
– Exercise and sports, yeah right! we’ll see about this one. maybe just swimming.
– Watch the episodes I missed or old ones from Supernatural, Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Office and Friends. any other recommendations? No Lost please. Thanks.
– Pray more often, moments of peace and solitude.. it’s just me and my creator.
– Blog more often, like I’m not already :p
– Cook more often, I love food. nuff said!
– Go out with friends, some I haven’t seen for months now.
– Clean the car.. because to be honest it’s now a trash truck.
– Other things.

15 thoughts on “10 Days Off – 10 Things To DO

  1. First of all good luck janooo wish you the best, hope I’m next šŸ™‚ 2ma about the episodes advice you to watch heroes great one,
    enjoy your vacation =D

    • haha i still can beat that.. there’s a guy that cleans it from the exterior and once/week he cleans the interior.. but i guess he couldnt keep up with the trash amount been thrown everyday.. #FAIL

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