The Most Boring Post

I really don’t know.. sometimes I don’t care.. I don’t really pay attention or give a damn!

and sometimes I surprise myself, where all that .. errr .. all that depression was hiding.. I go deep and down.. like no one ever been depressed before.. full of sadness and ugly negative thoughts.. tears and grief.. it used to take weeks, then lately few days..

I know that after all the above; I become OK, pull myself up and out of all this, with help of family, friends.. and Allah. I become all about peaceful positive and cheerful thoughts.. more important, stronger and wiser. and feel Great, fresh and new! My rebirth..

and then I go back to eh, I don’t know.. Doesn’t matter and Whatever! and these few words become my answer to EVERYTHING. nothing makes any difference and nothing can draw a true smile..

I get inspired in most cases.. and write, some things go online and others stay somewhere else, depends on the mood.. but in all this.. nothing is new.. in a way or another, it has all been said and done..

What did you expect? I already said Boring 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Most Boring Post

  1. Guess what! YOU ARE NORMAL (in a good way) 😀

    That`s what I feel like saying after reading such lines 🙂 (bardo in a good way)

    I thought -too- the title is a mislead; turns it`s not.

    May u have wonderful energizing rebirths 🙂


  2. A conclusion to a situation that many go through, in different dosages and alteration between the genders.. but one usually doesn’t grasp what they go through the come to lay it out and articulate it clearly and simply. I think it is how we’re humbled, how we’re refreshed and reignited once we emerge.

  3. Hey Jano, I think I know what you’re talking about. Life has it’s ups and downs, it takes a lot of effort to be happy and only a few words to turn your world upside down. We girls have the worst temper and mood, I know how it feels when every few days you get to a point were you’re sick of life. As you said, get inspired, write, draw do anything, just let it out, and hopefully you’ll feel better. Though it’s going to happen again, but i thinking about the present is what matters after all.
    I don’t know if my conclusions were right, if they were, I hope this was good. If not, feel free to remove it; if you want. Take care.

  4. Zouz.. but sometimes they;re fun.. routine breakers 🙂

    XX and Pascal,, so its really boring? lol

    Haitham.. thanks 🙂

    CicilLizard, kinda make sense :p

    evatarma , thank you so much dear.. finally someone knows hehehe

    As a conclusion.. only girls really understood what i said 😀 lol

  5. Hahaha it’s all about hormones =(
    I’ll do my masters in social neuroscience studying the link between sociology (culture, food, anthropology..) & Endocrinology (hormones, physiology..) =D
    That’s why i love reading blogs from different backgrounds..
    And I love your spirit =)

  6. Even if all is said and done we still say and do because we all speak and go about things differently. Our problems have been largely the same since the first human who walked the earth (now that person knew what loneliness meant) and it’s been so since then.

    What matters the most is to actually enjoy being depressed and angry and happy and in love because they’re all natural emotions and not diseases like a psychology book will tell you. We are made up of complex switches and we need to flip each one and know exactly how it feels and what makes it flip on and off.

    At the end of the day nothing feels better than knowing why you’re depressed and knowing how to get over it and how much time it takes you to – and look forward to it

  7. Sometimes I think that one does not know the meaning of something until he experience the opposite.. like the first man walking on earth (Adam?) how would he know the meaning of loneliness if he didnt experience life with someone else.. but still .. this can be a yes and no.. and carries all possibilities ..

    but agree that all that we are experiencing have already been gone through over and over again ages and ages ago until today and will continue this way..

    as you said, the key is to know why, how and for how long.. especially how long the depression takes,, because it cant take forever..

    enjoyed your comment 🙂

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