Driving Stories

Replying to “I was not committing Suicide

I love driving and got my license like 8 or 9 years ago.. here are some stories 🙂

1* After 2 days of having the license, me and sis were going to a basketball game and on a u-turn a taxi hit me (but it was my fault since his car was hit from the back 😉 without going into details, the police came and asked for the license.. he was looking at mine and asked me when i got my license. i thought quickly and said a week! like 2 days would sound too fresh to hit the roads 😀 of course, he laughed. (it was a tiny scratch tho but the driver was an as* )

2* One early Friday morning (weekend here) I had to drop my bro somewhere with his friends, they had a trip to Aqaba. I was too sleepy and on my way back home, i was really speeding and looked in the rear view mirror and found a police car speeding after me.. I had to u-turn and right before one street of my home, his ford caught my toyota lol he stopped me and came to get my license.. looked at it and said

– why are you speeding?

– I wanna go home and sleep!

– you’re too young to die, dont speed..

– Ok..

– Why are you up so early?

– (half sleeping) Dropped my brother at his school.

– It’s weekend.

– (I woke up shocked!) Has a trip with friends!!

– So should I issue a ticket for you now?

– As you like.

– I won’t but don’t speed haram.

– Bye.

3* One time I was driving back home from university, the road was empty and tempting to speed. reached 140 km/h n then got a text. reached out for my phone to check who was that, took one glance to phone screen and when i looked at the road i was about to hit a wall, tried to steer away but was about to fall off a cliff ! the road was a cliff from the right and a rocks wall from the left. so the car was going left and right! At that moment I saw my life like a video clip (just like the movies) then not sure how the car stopped, and couldn’t look around or talk for like 5 minutes!

4* one night me, my mom and sis were driving to somewhere, they kept talking and arguing all the way! I asked them to stop or we might have an accident! they didn’t listen. I hit the car intentionally and Loved the silence in the car after that. 🙂

5* Got a serious accident, had to visit the bones doctor who looked into my eyes and discovered that I do not sleep! how?! I do not know I’m not a doctor. (at that time i used to sleep like few hours/week) he gave me pills but did not work at all, took couple of them at once and got high before i sleep for so many hours 😀

6* The worst experience: I barely hit a taxi from the back, nothing broke, just scratches, the woman inside waited her husband to arrive and then got out of the car and fainted on my car. 😐 She went to the hospital they said nothing is wrong but she complained that her nick hurts, and i was about to get into jail but didn’t, was released on a bail. she kept nagging and asking me to take her to doctors. I did once and he said she’s fine! the court didnt close the case right away because she has to approve. she didnt. I said i dont care and she can do whatever she wants. “Luckily” some guys had a fight with the woman’s husband years ago and finally decided to get revenge. attempted to burn the couple’s car. So she called me and wanted to end this so she can follow up with their case. I was like OK, let me see when I’m free 😀

What’s your story?

UPDATE: guys, #4 was a small tiny hit.. it was not like i hit the car into a wall trying to kill myself and family.. hehe they drove me crazy for a complete 20-30 minutes 😦

17 thoughts on “Driving Stories

  1. #4 made me: :’-o

    Never will I be fooled again.. I shall be careful about classifying people before reading their blog.

  2. Hmm u need to care a bit more about yourself miss!
    And I don’t have such stories since I do not drive! I got lots of drivers (those of public transportation) hahaha.
    But once I was hit by a car =D I flu up in the air then landed on my back bag! No major damage happened, a couple of bruises, luckily =))

  3. ana m7orbek! 140! ! f3lan adiga girls r … & … too! 😀

    bas jad Jano, shklo u speed a lot, empty streets r not a good excuse 3afekra 4 that!

    half-asleep driving can be fun,, and fatal!

    sharing these experiences is nice, really. But most importantly to learn from our mistakes and ask others not to fall in them too.


    ***lecture is over,, u r dismsd 😛

    ****don`t speed!


    • adiga girls are what?????? smart and sexy? lol jk .. really, adiga girls are what??

      last time was last year.. no worries .. im a mature shusmo now :p

      thanks for the lecture, im not paying since i was forced to lsn :S

  4. After update: Too late, we know the real you now.. I think all we need to do is put wings on you and send you into the sky as a Drone.

  5. Hey Jano! This was hilarious! I mean #4, you have some guts!
    however, #3, the one with the text message it’s pretty scary! Don’t do that again! take care of yourself!
    about #6, it happens a lot, and some do it intentionally, it think you already knew that. It’s pretty serious and it’s one of the things that are holding back my father from giving me the car.
    btw, thanks for the reply and the link 🙂 Have a good day 🙂

    • exactly.. u have to be careful.. my dad sends me to streets with one rule.. if you ever had to “hit” let it be with anything in the street other than cars or people.. if you couldnt, cars.. if you couldnt , there’s no people option 😀

      oh i didnt mention that once, there was a guy crossing the street and hit my car from behind (of i hit him, no difference) because i hit the brakes.. i looked at him to see whats that, he apologized 😀 if only all people are like him hehe

      ur welcome btw 😉

  6. Oh dear!

    I usually sleep and wake up at the destination.

    I-HAVE-NO-IDEA-HOW but it’s one of those things that make me believe in God or Angels!

    • happened to me lol.. i once saw a bridge like 500 meters ahead of me.. then next thing i know is there’s no bridge, looked in the rear view mirror and found the bridge 500 meters behind!


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