Do Not Tell Me! #Twitter

WARNING: please try to take this as friendly as could be 🙂 <– wearing the angel face

Here are 5 things I would appreciate you not telling me:

1- Do not tell me not to tweet about the hot/cold weather because sometimes it is really annoying and i have to get this out somewhere, it happened to be my personal account on twitter!

2- Do not tell me not to tweet about what I’m eating, especially if it’s so yummy. here’s one thing about me. I ADORE FOOD.

3- Do not tell me not to tweet quotes, sometimes they are really inspiring and/or funny. Other people really like and retweet them. so try to get inspired! 🙂

4- Do not tell me to unfollow you if I do not like you. I already know i can do that and probably did it already. I’m just letting you know how much you suck!

5- Do not tell me that I tweet too much and please don’t unfollow (haha) It’s just that I’m enjoying the experience 😉

Thanks and Have a nice day y’all 🙂

12 thoughts on “Do Not Tell Me! #Twitter

  1. No body should tell you anything ! tweet whatever you want. We want to read YOUR tweets that reflects who’s on your mind (not what we want to).

    I blocked a handful of morons who kept complaining about “people” tweeting a lot, and I’m certainly one of those people.

  2. Ola.. wallah ma ba3raf.. ya3ni let’s close our account o nog3od belbait la shaghleh wala 3amleh :p

    Pascal.. its 22:30 now can i say sabaho? lol 7abbet ur points 🙂 ma32ool fe 7ada mo 3ajbo RAC??

    Sam, 100% agree with you

    hamdanism, kol 7ada betla3lak be talabat shekel.. eno meen aw meen beddak terde?

    mab3oos.. we talked about this already so not gonna reply here 🙂

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