A Mosque, Why Not?

What could be so bad about building a mosque? Near ground zero or anywhere else? what could be wrong about peaceful and spiritual energy around the place? with prayers all around for the good and bad.


– Al-Qaeda or any organization or any person whose intentions are to harms humans, plants, animals is totally against Islam.

– Al Qaeda and those organization like it have harmed Muslims more than they did to any other people.

– Islam said; even if you are at war, do not harm women, kids or older people. do not cut a tree! so what was done  in September 11 is not Islam. it could be extremists, Politics, etc. but not a religion, and especially Islam.

The woman in this article’s pic and what she says shows the misunderstanding and the lack of knowledge.. one word for her: those Muslims who want to build a mosque at ground zero are Americans and they have the right, you’re not Saudi OR Muslim. regardless to whether you can or cannot build in mecca.

FYI: The prayer room would be part of a $100 million Islamic center featuring a 500-seat auditorium, sports facilities, theater and restaurant, and would be open to all visitors. (Source)

Finally; I would like people to read more, learn, get educated, meet good Muslims, ask questions before starting with  blind judgments. Corrupted media will not get you anywhere good. Use your mind.

10 thoughts on “A Mosque, Why Not?

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  2. actually u r great writer i like your thoughts … 🙂
    unfortunately most of Muslims badly represents their islam … we r million of muslims , there r plenty of medias and we still can not make the world understand the great reality o islam…!!!

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    • Great illustration ! eno khalas no need to create this big fuss for nothing! what i wanted to say here as well, that even if the islamic center was on the ground zero itself.. why not? Those who blew the WTC do NOT represent Islam in any way or shape.. once ppl realize this fact, they should be able to relax a bit..

  4. Great post ! .. Simple & straight to the point .

    “America has been building “ground zeros” near Iraqi mosques since 2003″ — Read that somewhere.

    As the essence of the post .. September 11 had nothing to do with Islam . The US government knows that very well, it’s the people who are blind folded . Same goes for most western countries.

    We .. Truth seekers, Muslims, Christians among all other religions have an obligation to get such posts reach to those blind-folded.

    It’s a kind of a battle between the “Right” & “Wrong .. “Truth” & “Lies” .. Not enough to just pick a side if we want a change, to Do whatever we can to deliver the truth is an Obligation, a DUTY even ..

    Excellent Post Jansait 🙂

  5. There is no need to build a mosque near ground zero. We need to be wiser than bring more controversy to our suffering religion in the eyes of the world as portrayed by the media. We need not push it too far. We should not be so interested in accumulating more air time on tvs and getting more and more of the uneducated around the world to see us as imposing and aggressive in our efforts.

    Regardless of who was actually behind Sept 11, (in response to one of the commentators above)… there is no real need to acquire more attention and create more tension.

    I believe with conviction that if the Prophet, PBUH was alive today… He would also not build the mosque there. I see nothing coming from it but negativity. And, lets say it gets built…. DO you think it will be safe for people to pray there?

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