Her Soul

She was innocent and cute, full of life and beautiful with dreams in her pocket and a vision in her eyes.. wanted to create a life not just live one. grew up to be more alive and happy, spreading her smiles to whoever passes her road.. but that could not last, she found out what this life is all about. well, at least she thought she did..

This woman became someone else, became what she didn’t want to be and what she was running from, reality. she is reality now, her own.

She hated the woman she turned to, she hated the world she lives in and most of all, she hated the fact that she’s hating all of this. she couldn’t help it, she felt so much hurt inside, couldn’t speak to anyone, couldn’t tell what have gone wrong, and kept her secrets unshared and untouched.

She got up and screamed, raging against all these, refusing to be underneath, rising to be someone new, yet again. She became the fighter against the good and bad, against everything around.

What could have gone wrong? and what’s deep inside her and for how long? This will be her own eternal secret. Only her soul knows.

8 thoughts on “Her Soul

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  2. I don`t think there is anything “wrong” , she was/is just “living” 🙂

    Hating the fact of hating itself = that it is a phase towards something “more” -in my book-

    Gr8 read Jano, kal 3adeh

    “wanted to create a life not just live one: <== this was gr8, my fav. I hope we all never settle for such a life 🙂


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