Jordan Needs Help

Jordan is Wonderful, Jordan is Amazing, Jordan helps people around the world get proper education, health and more, Jordan breaks stereotypes, Jordan helps kids everywhere, Jordan helps Haiti and Pakistan.. Jordan NEEDS HELP!!

What Jordan are we living in now that allows men to kill their wives with no punishment! talking here about true punishment! Not just couple of months or years in prison (if got punished!) The trend now in Jordan that any sick man kills his wife, sister, daughter, niece and call it honor crime and get away with it! seriously we’re talking about the modern Jordan here.. the civilized Jordan!

How many women should be killed before we wake up? before our government and or King Abdullah and Queen Rania do something? seriously these souls are not toys! these women are the root, source and reflection of the future Jordan. what future are we looking at now?

Few days ago, a 35 year old mother of two girls and one boy was shot dead in her sleep by her husband! for nothing! not even so-called-honor !! She’s the aunt of our friend @Aboosh and you can read the whole story here:

A tragedy has struck us.

I never thought it would come to this. That I come to write an obituary for the closest and dearest aunts of all. My aunt Reema, may Allah have peace on her soul, age 35, mother of 2 girls and 1 boy, was cowardly shot while she was asleep. The assailant is her husband.

You probably have seen the headlines in the local news outlets here, here and here. My aunt is (and I refuse to say was) the definition of youth, potential and an example of local women leadership. In her life that was cut short, she gathered tremendous support and love from everyone she met or whoever crossed her path. She is an example to everyone, with her level of education, her perseverance, and her elegance.

In 21st Century Jordan, she resembles where an individual should strive for. Her work for the local universities, for the local schools and graduate studies has affected hundreds of young local females.

In 21st Century Jordan, she presents the example of local leadership that works against all odds, to reform her surroundings, to present a better future for those who follow in her shadow, and to bring the bottom-up revolution we all seek for.

In 21st Century Jordan, aunt Reema presents the model for all Muslim women around the world: a model of conservatism and modernism, that adheres to the local cultural values, yet, flourish where many have failed.

In 21st Century Jordan, my aunt Reema AbdulHafez Al-Abed, was shot dead in her sleep.

In 21st Century Jordan, my aunt Reema was a victim of the backwardness that so many still live and thrive in.

In 21st Century Jordan, aunt Reema’s educated world, clashed with the retarded, backward-thinking, ill-mannered, jealousy-filled 2nd Century world of her cousin and husband!

In 21st Century Jordan, aunt Reema’s educated nephew, needs to write a blog post talking about the idiocy of a husband who still believes in magic and voodoo, and its affect on marriage!

Please do something, as a Jordanian, Woman, Man or just a human! this is not the world we should live in.. speak up!

4 thoughts on “Jordan Needs Help

  1. Thanks Kinzi..

    Those kinds of people do not describe or talk like human do.. if he thought of that he wouldnt do what he did.. if those men think of their kids and their kids’ future, they wouldnt do such thing..

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  3. When Queen rania raised teh issue when she became queen our tribes made a fuss accusing herof interfering in politocs and trying to shred teh social norms about tyhe dark side of 3asha2ereyyeh .we are only sha6reen in wearing a shmaa’3 pretending to love our Jordan while we are destroying it ….am from a big proud tribe and it makes me feel bad to see all teh great values of beduin minimized in this stubbern habal issue …..women are always victims in our community and they are inncoent in almost 99 5 of the cases of this hounor issue ….wallahi each time i read about such incidents i feel so embarressed and ashamed …

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