Wind of Change II

So as I said in the previous wind of change; Lately (like the past month) i started feeling the change, all around me.. even in this hot Amman summer, i could feel the strong wind blowing at me,, that when i knew, a change is coming..

with no further delays; got a call that I didn’t know will change my direction.. with no further explanation, it felt like moving.. like some pieces are falling into place.. so far, so good!

Change, haven’t had any for the past 4 years! I never thought it will be that hard to me, i thought this is what i wanted and what i was feeling and was already accepting bit by bit.. but I guess that was not enough, and one has to go through the change step by step and taste it all.. with the good and the not!

Changing directions means you’re leaving one to go to another, leaving isn’t the easiest part of it, nor the package you were used to with the ups and downs.. changing directions can get you to a road with new kind of bumps and turns but that’s fine.. isn’t this the beauty of it all? the boredom killer!

I thought I was always waiting the time to say the following; but found out it’s harder than i thought;

On a crossroad, I decided to resign! and did..

and with that, will be changing careers, hopefully.

Prayers are highly appreciated 🙂

13 thoughts on “Wind of Change II

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  2. If you zoom out and think of it, everyone all over the world -at some point- has experienced this.

    The fear of the unknown, getting out of our comfort zone, worries we might not have enough energy to start all over .. all leads to hesitation, worries , anxiety , nervousness …etc. ALL NORMAL .

    In fact frequent change is a must if we want to reach higher grounds, specially when we feel we’re been held down by a certain invisible ceiling . .

    Hell, if change is a must, .. we might as well do it while feeling excited, confident it will be for the better while keeping the faith . It’s all a state of mind.

    You won’t fall unless you stop pedaling, so keep pedaling, keep the faith, don’t look back & enjoy the ride 😉

    Best wishes
    God Bless you

  3. Heading wholeheatedly toward such pivotal changes in our life is never easy, no matter how one thinks,plans, and gets support.
    All the very best Jano; changing careers is never easy. But if u know what u want, blv in it, and stay focused u shall get their.

    You r in my prayers.
    I wish u a pleasant happy career (that`s the most important in my opinion) + achieving yr goals with a twist of challenges ahead in it and of course more money 😉 “it`s ok to have some”

    Gr8 words as always, straight from the heart.


    • haha at its ok to have some.. kteer ok kaman wallah :p la2 inshallah will be doing something i love and enjoy, not cooking though lol

      as always.. thanks ad el denya :))

  4. if the change is on time it will be good inshaAlla,,, radical changes are difficult but staying at the same point the whole life is not recomended….
    good luck dear..:)

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