My Shrimps Spaghetti Menu

I cooked for yesterday’s Iftar, Not just cooked, created and adopted the whole menu 😉

Orange Juice / Soda
Devils on Horseback
Carrot Soup
Chopped Summer Salad
Shrimps Spaghetti with Sweet Pepper
(Tomato sauce on the side)
Chocolate Syrup Brownies

I don’t wanna go through how I prepared them, I’ll leave you with the photos!

Before you go on, It’s worth mentioning that recently Cooking has become my passion! let’s see for how long 😉

19 thoughts on “My Shrimps Spaghetti Menu

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  2. Ana I love Shrimps (and yes, they do love me back!) lol

    I want it all (except 4 the soda, no soda Jano,, no ! bad cook enti 😉 )

    I have a recipe too, bring all Shrimps to my lovely wife and in 2 hours everything is set and divine 😀
    mehahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <=== male dominance laugh 😛


  3. Now that`s not how I pictured it! I wanted it to be ready haika faj2a as a surprise,,, amma exchangin` recipes o mosh 3aref sho ,, la 5alas ba66alet ,, e3zemoona o 5elsat l 7kayeah 😉


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