His Soul

He’s just like any other man, from the outside. from the inside, he’s an old box, full of hurt, hatred and sadness. The unfair years of his life have left a scar in his eyes, the color is pale and dull, the look is aggressive and hard. no place for kindness.

You can tell the story of his life by looking at his face, deep down inside him and the way he talks, walks and says good morning! you can hear the doubt in the word “good”. nothing sounds right!

You wish you could help him, reach out a hand to him and pick him up off the ground, but he refuses, tries to bite your hand thinking you want to take something away from him. He’s used to be betrayed, ignored, robbed in a way or another.

He’s a pure example of a tortured soul.. of a soul that let years step on it and walk over, a soul that was not aware of what’s happening around so couldn’t turn all that hatred into love. A soul that learned nothing from life except what was taught! Alas!

10 thoughts on “His Soul

  1. You wish to lend a helping hand, to assist in healing, but sometimes it is way too late. !

    U made me think Jano, not a good thing mOst of the time 😦


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  3. Give him a hand, a shoulder, that’s what we’re here for, to help each other when we trip and fall. Sometimes, as you said, you can get the whole story, feel the torture through someone’s eyes, maybe he’s unwilling to open up or ask for help because he’s tired of doing so. Getting close to help takes a lot of time, for the barriers to fall, for this person to regain trust in trust itself.

    I wish you the best of luck, and him too. Feeling other people like you did, is an extremely cherished trait, and well unique.

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