Wind of Change

Wind of change is scary.. especially when you’re not used to it and suddenly blows into your face! What to do and who’s to say that you’re going the right direction.. but the careless me usually says, daring life,: What’s the worst that could happen??

Now and for the next couple of years, I do not wanna know what’s the worse, and I do not wanna know even the bad (if there’s any, god forbids) sometimes huge decisions are trivial to some people and vice versa.. so I do not believe like there’s a little decision in life, sometimes missing a hidden turn or exit can cause a drastic change in your life.. I have been going every morning in the same direction, the same path, the same place every day for the past almost four years, lately, that place became the source of my sadness and depression when it once was the source of my energy and happiness. I’m gonna blame it as usual at “C’est la vie” : sometimes with a sigh, other times with a smile..

Then, I started to think,, (yeah guess i wasn’t or wasn’t time) and thought there has to be something more, and i do need a change, then forget about it, get busy with many things, etc but I always get back to the same point.. I do need a change.. one time it hit me so hard and i could feel i reached the top of the curve and began starving for a change.. something to break the whatever situation i got stuck at.. whatever reason my positive energy was being pulled out while negative energy was put into me..

I haven’t looked around a lot for this change, I felt it was around me somewhere.. and I had this really strong feeling that it is happening.. from no where, i started feeling the change, the steps forward, and hopefully, the right steps forward. but hey, no pain no gain and there should not be any regret.

To be continued..

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